How To Root Nook Tablet And Install Android Market

Unlike Nook Color, Nook Tablet is more than an ebook reader. Yes, Barnes and Noble brought this amazing names device “Nook” into the market as a device to read ebooks. Nook Tablet is a powerful tablet PC with a 1 GHz dual core processor and 1GB of RAM. So, we would be sharing a complete […]

How To Root Nook Color

Why would you want to root Nook Color ereader? Well, this rooting will let you install apps and games on this ereader. Once you are done with this whole procedure, you can start pimping your Nook Color ebook reader. How To Root Nook Color – Install Apps And Games On Nook Color STEP 1: To […]

How To Update Nook Color To Latest Firmware 1.1.0 Version

The latest version of Nook Color Firmware, Version 1.1.0 is out. It was announced officially by Barnes and Noble. This latest Nook Color Firmware adds number of features to this ebook reader, which are better WiFi connectivity, tap pinch and zooming feature in the web browser. Apart from all these, it would offer better overall […]

How To Root Nook e-Reader On Windows, Mac, Linux

There is way that you can install apps on Nook Color eReader by unlocking it. Here is the complete guide to root Nook e-Reader on Windows, Mac, Linux operating systems. This tutorial would help you unblock your Nook eReader smoothly and easily. Here is step by step guide to root Nook e-Reader on Windows, Mac, […]

NOOK Color e-Reader – Review – Amazon Kindle Alternative

The new NOOK brand e-reader from Barnes & Noble has been getting a very mixed reaction from the marketplace. E-readers and books have been coming and going for a while now, culminating with Amazon’s Kindle 2 reader and the new Apple iBooks. Barnes & Noble are also marketing the new reader as much as possible, […]