Wireless MP3 Players

In this world of smartphones and tablets, you will still find the people who carry a MP3 player. And I am so confident about this fact because I belong to that group and I know many such people. Last week I met an acquiatance in a market and he was looking for a wireless MP3 […]

Samsung Galaxy Player 50 – Specs, Price, Release Date

All the Samsung products named as Galaxy have been big hits. Whether it would be Samsung Galaxy smartphones or Samsung Galaxy tab, Galaxy series products are ruling the electronic world. Here is the latest portable music player, Samsung Galaxy Player 50 which is expected to be showcased at Consumer Electronics Show 2011. The first impression […]

ARCHOS 3 cam Vision – MP3 / MP4 Player – PMP – Review, Specs, Price

ARCHOS 3 cam Vision is the gorgeous MP3 / MP4 player in the market. This ARCHOS PMP is much more than a conventional PMP or MP3 / MP4 player. What makes 3 cam Vision special is the fact that ARCHOS have packed almost every single thing that one look for in a PMP. ARCHOS 3 […]

LG NEON UP3 – USB MP3 Player With FM Radio

LG introduces its brand new USB MP3 player namely, LG NEON UP3. The name UP3 is derived as USB + MP3. This MP3 player by LG has got contemporary and glossy design with a touch pad to navigate the options. Although it lacks button controller, but using LG NEON UP3 is a piece of cake. […]

Sony A845 – World’s Slimmest Walkman Video Mp3 Player

Sony is out with the world’s slimmest walkman. Sony A845 is an ultra slim video MP3 player. With powerful specifications this media player by Sony is amazingly gorgeous with its slim and classic design. Sony Walkman serious is undoubtedly a pioneer in designing flawless portable MP3 players and Sony A845 is not any exception. Specifications […]

Qoolqee X3 – Waterproof – Shock Resistant MP3 / Audio Player – Review

Qoolqee X3 is a brand new portable MP3 / Audio player in the market. Qoolqee X3 is a waterproof, shock-resistant and lightweight MP3 player. This waterproof MP3 player comes with in-built FM tuner. Qoolqee is being considered as a tough competitor to Apple’s iPod Shuffle. It weighs just 30 grams and is capable of playing […]

V-Touch VL-885 16GB – Touch Screen MiniSD Portable Media Player Review

V-Touch has lately launched its 16GB Touch Screen MiniSD portable Media Player namely VL-885. V Touch VL 885 features 2.8 inch Touch Screen display and is an ultimate portable digital media player. This portable media player recorder by V Touch comes with Visual Land SSB-10 In Ear Headphones. A 2 MP digital camera gives this […]

Teclast X23 USB MP3 Player

Teclast has introduced its brand new USB MP3 Player to the consumers. Teclast X23 USB MP3 Player has got elegant and sleek design. Its metallic body and trim around the edges give it a shiny and gorgeous look. Teclast X23 USB MP3 Player is capable of playing a number of music formats which include WMA, […]

Haier HV18A 4 and 8 GB Video MP3 Player |Review And Specs|

Haier has launched its very own portable media player recently, namely Haier HV18A. It offers you with all your music and video needs that any other portable mp3 – video player (media player) is capable of. HV18A is available in 4 GB and 8 GB versions. Apart from these lineaments, this mp3 player by Haier […]

Sony S540 Walkman Video MP3 player with In-Built Speakers

Last week new Sony S540 Walkman was unveiled in United States of America and the company is all set to launch it worldwide in September 2009. If you are thinking why is it getting so much of attention? Then i would answer it by saying, “It is truly worth it.” Sony S540 is first of […]