15 Best iPhone Apps For Startup Owners

Smartphones are becoming an irreplaceable and entirely essential gadget for business startups. In particular, the iPhone, with its plethora of apps targeted at young businesses, is gaining popularity with startup businesses world-wide. Here are the 15 best iPhone apps that all startup business entrepreneurs should have. 15 Best iPhone Apps For Startups Owners / Entrepreneurs […]

6 Best Paid iPhone Apps Under $5

Whether it would iOS apps or Android apps, the most of the popular ones are the free ones. They say, better things always have a price. And there is no doubt about the fact that if you want to have best of the apps for iPhone, then you have to pay for it. There are […]

How To Unlock iPhone 4S Without Any Hardware Addon

Unlocking iPhone or any other device for that matter is nothing less than an art and taking smart decision. Now there are several ways to unlock iPhone which include jailbreak, installing SIM slot, or handing it over to a hacker to get the job done. Well, this tutorial will let you unlock iPhone 4S without […]

How To Change iPhone Boot Logo

As you have expected, this is a trick for jailbroken iOS device which lets you change iPhone boot logo. I am quite sure about the fact that you must have wanted to change the boot logo on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. How about some animated logo while you boot your iOS device? Sounds cool, […]

Best Photography Tips For iPhone

Being a proud owner of an iPhone, you must have wished a myriad of times that you could use it as a great photographic camera that resides in your pocket at all times? But you might have also discovered that the heat of the moment the picture results to be very hazy and disoriented most […]

4 Best EA Games For iPhone And iPod Touch

When it comes to computers and gaming consoles, EA Games is undoubtedly one of the best game developers in the market. There are number of EA Games for iPhone and iPod Touch available in the market and we have compiled the list of the best ones. EA Games are known for their jaw dropping graphics […]

4 Best Free QR Code Reader For iPhone

QR Code was never an iOS concept. Although it started from Android, but there are number of QR Code Reader for iPhone available in the market. But the question is why would one need a QR Code Reader? All the major brands are using the QR Codes now. Sooner or later, have a QR Code […]

8 Apps That Every Office Worker Should Have On Their iPhone

These 8 productivity apps for your iPhone are designed to give you access to your office no matter where you are. Most of them allow you to synch your information directly to your office desktop, so the work you do on your phone can easily translate to your office. While no one wants to work […]

CamScanner – Mobile Scanner For Android And iPhone

Here is an amazing way to use your Android device’s camera or iPhone’s camera as scanner. CamScanner is a free app for Android and iPhone / iPad (available as paid versions also) which lets you scan documents using camera and convert them into PDF format. CamScanner is a great app to have as it proves […]

How To Install Cydia 1.1.1 On iPad 2, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

With a small fix in Cydia 1.1, you have Cydia 1.1.1 at your service. So, we bring you the guide to install Cydia 1.1.1 on iPad 2, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch. And this version Cydia is amazingly fast and smooth and deserves a shot on your iOS device. Install Cydia 1.1.1 On iPad 2, iPad, […]

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