Albumatic – Share Photo Album In Real Time Between Friends

This is one the most interesting photo sharing app I have ever come across and I would like to recommend it to anybody using iPhone or iPod Touch. There is no doubt about the fact that services like Skype, Viber and WhatsApp have virtually brought people close to their friends and family regardless the distances. […]

2 Free Origami Apps For iPhone

Origami is not just for kids. I know people who are 50+ and love making things with paper. For some, Origami is fun, for some its hobby and for some passion. Regardless your attitude towards Origami, you can check out these iPhone apps for Origami. Whether you can or cannot do things with a piece […]

5 Best Free Fashion Apps For iPhone

If you’re a fashion junkie, or just like to know about the latest trends and own an iPhone, then this post is just meant for you. I tell you that there are some free apps for iPhone with which you inspire, as clothing is concerned, for your social and professional events and more. Yes, these […]

3 Best Free Apps To Scan Business Cards On iPhone

I have recently shared a list on free apps to scan business cards on Android and its time for some iPhone wisdom. I have shared some good stuff like QR Code readers and this post is also about scanning and saving. In this post I would be sharing some good and free apps to scan business cards on […]

15 Best iPhone Apps For Startup Owners

Smartphones are becoming an irreplaceable and entirely essential gadget for business startups. In particular, the iPhone, with its plethora of apps targeted at young businesses, is gaining popularity with startup businesses world-wide. Here are the 15 best iPhone apps that all startup business entrepreneurs should have. 15 Best iPhone Apps For Startups Owners / Entrepreneurs […]

Best Free Apps To Discover Music On iPhone

One of the best things to boast about an iPhone is that it serves you as the legendary iPod too. I know people who bought iPhone just because they can listen to music and watch videos the way that they cannot do on any other smartphone. Personally, I love exploring music. While I am listening […]

7 Best $1 Apps For iPhone – Paid Apps For iPhone

We have already shared an incredible list of best $5 apps for iPhone, and its time for some cheaper options. You would definitely do not want to spend your $3-$4 and end up disappointed. How about trying out $0.99 worth apps? It wont hurt if if do not like those apps. So, I have compiled […]

6 Best Paid iPhone Apps Under $5

Whether it would iOS apps or Android apps, the most of the popular ones are the free ones. They say, better things always have a price. And there is no doubt about the fact that if you want to have best of the apps for iPhone, then you have to pay for it. There are […]

Top 5 Fun Apps For iPhone 2012

I wont be wrong if I label modern day’s smartphones as a great means to kill time. Now you need to look for ways to spend some easy fun times if you have a good smartphone in your hand. If you are an iPhone owner, this post would interest you. We have compiled a list […]

Free Document Scanner Apps For iPhone / iPad

Scanner apps are one of the most basic requirement of any smartphones of the modern day. If you ask me, a powerful smartphone is the one which has useful apps installed on it. So its upto you how you customize your smartphone. Better the apps, better is your phone. In this post, I have compiled […]

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