Top iPad games for Kids

We all love apps and games, and regardless of our age, playing games on our iPad is something we do on a daily basis. It’s impossible to keep kids away from technology, especially if you’re a tech savvy parent who enjoys smartphones and tablets. The app market is filled with amazing games for kids, so […]

How To Setup VPN On iPad

This seems to be some kind of VPN season as I am writing lot of stuff on VPN. This post is for all iPad users, as I would be telling you how to setup VPN on iPad. Creating VPN on iPad is not at all a heavy task and it can be done in few […]

How To Change iPhone Boot Logo

As you have expected, this is a trick for jailbroken iOS device which lets you change iPhone boot logo. I am quite sure about the fact that you must have wanted to change the boot logo on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. How about some animated logo while you boot your iOS device? Sounds cool, […]

3 Best Free Office Suites For iPad

Now MS Office has become something which plays an important role in the lives of the people who depend on computer for their work. So we have compiled a list of some free Office Suites for iPad. These apps are not full fledged Office Suites for iPad, but together they do work like a charm […]

3 Best Free Photo Editing Apps For iPad, iPad 2, iPhone

Editing photos on multi touch is simply amazing. And yes, having good photo editing apps is the key. So, we have complied a list of 3 best free photo editing apps for iPad, iPad 2, iPhone and iPod Touch. Having iOS device like iPad, iPad 2, iPhone and iPod Touch is great as you need […]

How To Transfer Data From iPad To iPad 2

Time to make some way for iPad 2. If you are looking to transfer your data from old iPad to new iPad 2, then we have complete guide for your. Here, data includes all the apps, contacts, settings, music, photos and every other thing stored on your iOS tablet. Trasnfer Data From iPad To iPad […]

How To Install Cydia 1.1.1 On iPad 2, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

With a small fix in Cydia 1.1, you have Cydia 1.1.1 at your service. So, we bring you the guide to install Cydia 1.1.1 on iPad 2, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch. And this version Cydia is amazingly fast and smooth and deserves a shot on your iOS device. Install Cydia 1.1.1 On iPad 2, iPad, […]

How To Set Password On iPad 2 or iPad

This is not an iPad trick or hack. Infact, the iOS itself offers with an option to set password on iPad 2 or iPad. Getting this done is so very easy and quick. And once you set the password, nobody can use your iPad 2 or iPad without entering correct password. You can either create […]

How To Transfer PDF eBooks To iPad

So before we start with this whole thing about transferring PDF files or eBooks to iPad, we need to convert PDF to ePub format. The reason being the fact that iPad reads ePub files only. So first check with the step by step guide to convert PDF to ePub format and then you can sit […]

3 Best Free iPad and iPhone GPS Apps

Gone are the days for sophisticated GPS navigation systems. Since the coming of devices like iPad, iPhone and Android borne gadgets, GPS systems have lost their charm and use. Since these devices can do the things that computers, GPS systems, portable gaming console, music players and multimedia player do together. So if you are having […]

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