What Are Internet Enabled TVs And Will They Kill Cable And Satellite TV?

It looks like a whole new revolution in viewing TV has started. A number of companies have now come up with internet-enabled TV sets. Now, one can easily watch what they want, when they want it, from the comfort of their sofa. So does this mean the end of DVDs and cable or satellite TV […]

How To Test Speed And Diagnose Faults / Errors On Internet Connection

If you are working on Internet, then you must know how to test / check the speed and diagnose faults or errors on your Internet connection. This not only allows you to keep your Internet connection in condition but also lets make use of Internet speed aptly. If you’ve been suspicious that your internet is […]

How To Browse Internet While Playing Games On Your Computer

How can you browse / surf Internet while playing games on your computer? This question might sound a bit odd as why would one like to surf Internet while playing games. Then here are some instances. Suppose you are trying to clear a level in the game by reading the walkthroughs on the Internet. Then […]

Google Public DNS – Safer And Faster Internet

Google has come up with its Public DNS protocol of offer, which will make your Internet faster and safer. Public Google DNS is a free DNS resolution service that can be used as an alternative to your current DNS provider. Domain Name System (DNS) is the integral part of any Internet connection. A normal user […]

How To View Contents Of ZIP / RAR / ISO File Before Downloading

If you try to download movies, songs, e-books, software or any other application on Internet, you would find that they would be in ZIP, RAR or ISO format. But how to view the contents of a particular ZIP, RAR or ISO format file even before you actually download it? ArchView is an amazing Mozilla Firefox […]

5 Best Online Tools / Applications Useful At Work

Internet plays a pivotal role in our daily life. Whether it would be work, shopping, music, movies, fun, chatting, or any other activity, Internet serves as the medium. Here I list out some of the best online tools and web applications that would be useful at work. People prefer to use online tools and applications […]

How To Make Your Own Web Browser

Web browser is a vital part of your computer resource. There are number of popular web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera. People love them as per the features offered by those Internet browsers. Make Your Own Web Browser is a free tool which helps you to design an Internet Browser […]

Split Browser – Split Mozilla Firefox into Multiple Frames

Mozilla Firefox has undoubtedly dominated the other web browsers in the market. Users love it because of its number of amazing features.With Split Browser, which is a Mozilla Firefox Add-on you can divide / split the context area of your Mozilla Firefox window into number of frames. Opening different web sites in different tabs of […]