Intel Core i3 530 Processor |Review and Specifications|

Intel adds a newest member to its 32nm Westmere CPUs for desktop computers, namely Intel Core i3 530 Processor. Like most of the Westmere CPUs, Intel offers 530 Processor with a couple of physical processor cores so that it can make space for four cores to the OS via Hyper-Threading. Specifications: Number of cores – […]

INTEL : First USB 3.0 Product Gets Certified By USB-IF

Jeff Ravencraft, President of USB-IF officially announces the certification of first USB 3.0 product. NEC’s xHCI host controller is the first product which would be facilitated with the much awaited technology USB 3.0. Year 2010 will witness the high speed USB technology. Specifications of USB 3.0 guarantees a transfer speed of 600MBps which ends up […]