How To Find Faulty Hardware In Your Computer

Finding the faulty software might not be a difficult task, but the doing the same thing for hardware becomes one hell of a task. Yes, finding a faulty hardware on your computer is a difficult task. I should say that its not a very difficult task in the current scenario considering we have so many […]

AMD Releases Athlon II X4 620 Quad-Core CPU For $99

When it comes to processors, AMD has always been able to satisfy its customers’ requirements in terms of the performance of its products. But this time around, AMD has decided to offer you Quad-Core CPU for just $99. AMD launches Athlon II X4 620, which will not only enhance your system configuration but is also […]

Viewsonic tft Monitor vx2240w Review & Specs

Viewsonic has come up with a latest lcd monitor model VX2240W with display size 22 inches. VX2240w monitor has a very good colour saturation, looks pretty and offers full value for money. However, the default settings need to be tweaked for it’s full permformance and great picture viewability. With the default settings, VX2240W has a […]