How To Root Samsung Galaxy S3

Its been quite a while that I haven’t shared any jailbreak tutorial. Here is the complete step by step guide to root Samsung Galaxy S3 or say, jailbreak Galaxy S3. In this tutorial, we would be first installing CWM on your device, and then root it. Lets get into the guide now. Steps To┬áRoot Samsung […]

6 Best Accessories For Samsung Galaxy S 3

Samsung Galaxy S3 is undoubtedly the next big thing in the market of smartphones. It was even before the launch of this super powerful smartphone, that most of the experts in the market have predicted this to be the smartphone of the year. And that prediction has proved to right. With incredible specifications on paper, […]

3 Best Free Games For Samsung Galaxy S 3

Samsung Galaxy S 3 is the most powerful smartphone in the market today across all the mobile platforms. And no wonder, as a proud owner of Galaxy S III, you would surely want to make the most of this advanced smartphone. If you are into games, then try out HD games on Galaxy S 3 […]

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S III

If you are switching from any other Android to Galaxy S III, then you would surely want to root your device. And if you have already used a rooted device previously, then I do not see a reason why you would not want to root Galaxy S 3. We have already shared number of posts […]

5 Best Free GPS Apps For Samsung Galaxy S III

Smartphones have proved to be one of those inventions which have made life easier. Few years back, laptops revolutionized the world by mobilizing the whole computing system and smartphones have taken this to another extreme. GPS apps are one those apps which are the must have ones for any smartphone. In this post, I have […]

How To Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S 3

There could many reasons behind you colliding to this post. If you are looking to factory reset your Samsung Galaxy S 3, then you would find this post useful as I would be sharing two ways to do it. If you have read any of such posts to hard reset Android smartphones, then you would […]

7 Free Must Have Apps For Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S 3 is by far the most powerful smartphone on the planet. And its it totally upto you as a user to tap its resources. With a quad core 1.4 GHz processor, it surely promises some power. In this post I have listed few must have apps for Samsung Galaxy S III. This […]