HP Slate 7 vs Apple iPad Air vs Google Nexus 7 – Compare Specs

No doubt, tablets are one of the hottest commodity in today’s tech based market. HP has unleashed its brand new tablet in the market which looks quite promising. And it seems, its a solid response to Google Nexus 7. When we talk about tablets, how can we not count Apple iPad Mini. In this post, […]

Google Nexus 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5 – Compare Specs

Galaxy S3 is the most advanced smartphone of the Samsung Galaxy family. And on wonder, its one of the most powerful smartphone in the current day market. And we would be comparing it with the most advanced iOS phone, iPhone 5 and the brand new entry in the market, Google Nexus 4, a.k.a. LG Nexus […]

HTC Rezound vs Samsung Galaxy S 2 vs Apple iPhone 4S

HTC Rezound is the latest smartphone introduced by HTC. On paper, this HTC smartphone looks like a monster. So, we  have tried to compare HTC Rezound vs Samsung Galaxy S 2 vs Apple iPhone 4S. With its HTC Sense 3.5, HTC Rezound marks itself as an Android device with better display. We have compared these […]

Nokia Lumia 800 vs Samsung Galaxy S 2 vs Apple iPhone 4S

This is what I call the ultimate fight in the smartphone market. Yes, I am talking of Nokia Lumia 800 vs Samsung Galaxy S 2 vs Apple iPhone 4S. If we speak on technical terms, these three are the most powerful smartphones in their respective OS category. Samsung Galaxy S 2 is the most powerful and successful […]

Samsung Galaxy Nexus vs iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S2

Here is an interesting comparison between three smartphones, Samsung Galaxy Nexus vs iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S2. Where Galaxy Nexus is the latest smartphone in the market, which is going to be the first Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone on the planet. Galaxy S2 is the most successful Android smartphone in the market in terms of […]

Motorola Droid RAZR vs iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S2

In this post we would be comparing the three best smartphone by the three biggest smartphone manufacturers in the market which are Motorola Droid RAZR, iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S2. As Google has taken over Motorola, expectations have become huge on all the smartphones coming from Motorola. And one need not tell about the […]

Apple iPad 2 vs Archos 101 G9 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Lets start with this specs comparison post on iPad 2, Archos 101 G9 and Galaxy Tab 10.1. We can actually call it a 10 inch tablet PC war, or rather Apple iPad 2 vs Archos 101 G9 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Although, the tablet PCs of Archos have not captured the market as Samsung Galaxy […]

Apple iPhone 4S vs Motorola Droid Bionic vs Samsung Galaxy S2

I believe this is one of the most interesting comparison of the smartphones because we have the three biggest names fighting in this post, Apple, Samsung and Motorola acquired by Google. In this post we would be comparing, Apple iPhone 4S, Motorola Droid Bionic and Samsung Galaxy S2. Samsung Galaxy S2 has already trashed all […]

Samsung Galaxy S 2 vs iPhone 4S vs HTC Sensation

Here we are discussing the world’s most powerful smartphones. We have already talked so much about Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation. Now lets compare these two Android monsters with iPhone 4S. Now with the release of Apple iPhone 4S, people are again looking at it as every model of iPhone has been path breaking. This […]

Amazon Kindle Fire vs Nook Color vs iPad 2 – Compare Specs

In the market of tablet PCs and powerful smartphones, ebook readers were not expected to do well due to lack of functionality when they are compared with tablet PCs or smartphones. But for the people who are explicitly looking for devices for read ebooks, there is nothing better than ebook readers. Amazon Kindle Fire is […]

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