Five Best Android Apps for Students

The current trend in Smartphone applications has given us so much more than just portable Facebook and hours of Angry Bird distractions. As students who are constantly on the go and constantly connected to a cell phone and internet connection, phone apps have the potential to really make studying, learning, and school much easier. The […]

3 Best Free Task Managers For Android

Task Managers are handy tools to have on Android. These Android apps let you kill the unnecessary background processes which not only improves the performance of your Android device but also improves its battery life. 3 Best Free Task Managers For Android Super Manager Super Manager is an amazing utility to have on your Android. […]

5 Best Free Games For Motorola XOOM

Motorola XOOM is surely the next big thing the market of tablet PCs. Users have started loving it like crazy. Now, if you are looking out for best free games for Motorola XOOM tablet PC, then we have complied a really good list for you. 5 Best Free Games For Motorola XOOM – Android Apps […]

CamScanner – Mobile Scanner For Android And iPhone

Here is an amazing way to use your Android device’s camera or iPhone’s camera as scanner. CamScanner is a free app for Android and iPhone / iPad (available as paid versions also) which lets you scan documents using camera and convert them into PDF format. CamScanner is a great app to have as it proves […]

3 Best Free Media Players For Android–Android Apps

Android is meant for multimedia experience and having such Android apps is one of the basic requirement for any Android owner. So we compile a list of best free Android media players apps which would let you play music, video and other multimedia stuff. 3 Best Free Media Players For Android–Android Apps Astro Player Beta […]

Best 7 Free Apps For Motorola XOOM

Motorola XOOM has already created waves in the market of tablet PC and experts say that this could be next big thing among the hundreds of tablet PCs in the market. We have complied a list of best free apps for Motorola XOOM tablet PC. We have complied this list of free apps in such […]

5 Best Free Android Apps For Health And Fitness

Android is a powerful platform for smartphones which lets you do so many things. There are thousands of free Android apps available which let you do day to day activities. In this post, we would be talking about some best free Android apps for health and fitness. We have already shared number of free Android […]

5 Best Free Android Keyboards | Android Apps |

Android OS is basically meant for touchscreen devices like tablets PCs and smartphones. And these best free Android keyboards will make your Android device more efficient. Any QWERTY keyboard will let your type with ease and speed. Using the default QWERTY keyboard of Android OS might be a bit uncomfortable, and if it is true […]

5 Best Free Android Apps For Travelers

Are you looking for free Android apps for Travelers? We are in full holiday season and for some the holidays are just around the corner and all those who plan to leave town and take a moment to rest, not leave without downloading the following applications for Android phones . These Android apps for travelers […]

4 Best Free Antivirus For Android

If you are looking for free Android antivirus, then this list of 4 best antivirus for Android would surely help you. These Android apps are fast and efficient and will let you use your Android device without much of scare of virus. Virus, malware and spyware are among the potential threats that may affect your […]

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