Free Alternatives To Whats App For Android

I believe that Whats App is one of the best things happened to smartphones. But the fact that it is free for only one year shall prompt you to look for its alternatives after using it for an year. After happily using it for an year, I am pretty sure that you would look for […]

3 Best Free Instagram Alternatives For Windows Phone

With the surprise introduction of Instagram on Android, users of other mobile platforms have surely felt the pinch. We have already covered the list for free alternatives to Instagram for BlackBerry, and its time for Windows Phone mobiles now. In this post I have compiled a list of best free Instagram alternatives for Windows phone […]

6 Best Free Instagram Alternatives For BlackBerry

Last month, Instagram brought a sweet surprise to all the Android users by introducing Instagram for Android. Number of surveys do suggest that the BlackBerry users want Instagram for BlackBerry too, but is it going to happen? Well, this post was never meant for fueling any speculation on the introduction of this incredible camera app […]

3 Best Free Alternatives To Siri For Android

Siri is one of the path breaking features of iPhone 4S. All our lives we have seen about talking gadgets in Sci-Fi movies and have read about them in fiction stories, and the fact that Siri brings it to real world makes all this so special. If you are an Android user and wish you […]

3 Best Alternatives To Instagram For Android

If you have been using iPhone, then I would be surprised you have not heard of Instagram. Just for the record, Instagram is THE BEST photo sharing app for iPhone. Infact, it is more than a conventional photo sharing app. It lets you share your images easily. You can term it as photo sharing social […]