Lenovo IdeaCentre B340 vs Lenovo IdeaCentre B320 All In One Computer – Specs

One can surely label this year as the year of notebooks and laptops, but that does not mean that companies would stop bringing their other computers. Lenovo IdeaCentre is one of the most popular series of all in one computers in the market. In CES 2012, we have been introduced to Lenovo IdeaCentre B340 all […]

HP TouchSmart 620 vs MSI Wind Top AE2420 – 3D All In One PC

Technology is advancing at a very brisk pace. Gone are the days when you could experience 3D only in a popular movie theater. From big cinema halls, it came to our homes in the form of 3D televisions. Later they came as 3D desktops. Now its time for 3D all in one PCs. Yes, now […]

Top 3 All In One PCs 2011

All In One PCs are slowly but steadily gaming popularity. If you are not sure what can be actually defined as an All In One PC, then here is some knowledge sharing. All In One computer is a PC which has CPU, hard drive, memory, and all other components assembled together. So, if you are […]

Sony VAIO L All In One PC – Official Specs

Now Sony seems to have jumped into all in one PCs market. And with Sony VAIO L, it is surely making a mark in the field of all in one PCs. This Sony all in one PC looks real good on paper, as if it was meant to impress people. The market is being flooded […]

HP TouchSmart 610 And 9300 – All In One Desktop

If you have ever used HP all in one desktop PCs, then you would realize that HP is one of the best in this category of computers. With HP TouchSmart 610 and HP TouchSmart 9300, the manufacturers have grown their all in one desktop PCs family. Both these all in one desktops, HP TouchSmart 610 and HP TouchSmart […]

Acer Aspire Z5761 – All In One Desktop – Specs, Price

Acer has launched a latest all in one desktop in the market namely, Acer Aspire Z5761. This Acer all in one desktop PC features a gorgeous 23-inch touchscreen LED backlit display screen. Here are the specifications of Acer Aspire Z5761:  Intel Core processor 23 inch touchscreen display with picture resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels […]

Lenovo IdeaCentre A310 – Review, Specs, Price

Here is the newest addition to the Lenovo IdeaCentre family. Lenovo IdeaCentre A310 is the latest all in one computer in the market with some powerful configuration. This model of IdeaCentre all in one computer features Intel Core i3 and Core i5 processors. With powerful Graphics accelerator, IdeaCentre A310 is one powerful machine that would […]

Lenovo Launches Atom Powered C100 All-In-One Desktop

Lenovo is one of the leading brands in notebooks and laptops. With the time, it is expanding its market of its all-in-one desktops. Lenovo added a new member to its list namely, C100. Lenovo C100 all-in-one desktop is amazingly 2 inch thick. Lenovo C100 all-in-one desktop is specially meant for the people who want to […]