HP TouchSmart 620 vs MSI Wind Top AE2420 – 3D All In One PC

Technology is advancing at a very brisk pace. Gone are the days when you could experience 3D only in a popular movie theater. From big cinema halls, it came to our homes in the form of 3D televisions. Later they came as 3D desktops. Now its time for 3D all in one PCs. Yes, now […]

5 Best 3D TVs For 2011

People have started thinking beyond conventional LCDs and Plasmas as 3D has hit the local markets nows. Few years back no one of us might have thought of having a 3D television in their living room. But technology has advanced exponentially and here we are. Now you can easily buy a 3D TV and that […]

Toshiba Qosmio F750 Glasses Free 3D Laptop – Specs, Price, Review

3D technology is going advanced every day. Toshiba brings the world’s first glasses free 3D laptop into the market, Toshiba Qosmio F750. Few years down the line no one has every thought of having 3D technology at their homes, but time has changed. Now, we have something called glasses free laptops in the market. Toshiba […]

LG Optimus 3D vs HTC Evo 3D – 3D Smartphones

It all started with 3D movies and the technology stayed with the big screen for good period of time. And later, we witnessed 3D televisions and 3D laptop computers. For all the above mentioned 3D hardware, we need 3D glasses or else you cannot experience it. So how about 3D smartphones which do not require […]

Best Free 3D Launcher For Android

Android is one of those platforms which would never let you get bored. There are tons of applications of on Android market, and list keeps adding on. So, if you bored by the conventional Main Menu of your Android device, then here is the free 3D launcher for Android. Gone are the times when 3D […]

3 Best 3D Laptops

It was not long ago when 3D technology could be witnesses in technically advanced cinema theatres only. But the times have changed. With 3D technology hitting televisions, laptops, and desktop PCs, everyone wants to live their 3D experience. And if you are looking for some powerful 3D laptops, we bring you the list of 3 […]

Acer GN245HQ – 3D Monitor – Specs, Price, Release

3D enabled display screens have started making their market, and here is Acer GN245HQ which is the latest 3D LCD monitor into the market. It all started with 3D movies, 3D laptops and now 3D monitors. This Acer 3D monitor seems be a powerful assembly, and here are the specifications of Acer GN245HQ: 24-inch 3D […]