Shortcut Keys / Hotkeys For Kindle 2 e Book Reader

Amazon Kindle 2 is undoubtedly the most favorite eBook reader and if you are looking for its Shortcut Keys / Hotkeys for Kindle 2, then here are some.

Shortcut Keys / Hotkeys For Kindle 2 e Book Reader

This year we have witnessed some outstanding ebook readers, but Kindle 2 have undoubtedly proven its metal in heavy competition. Below are the Shortcut Keys / Hotkeys for Kindle 2:

Shortcut Key Result
Alt + B Bookmark
Alt + T Spell out time
Alt + Next Page Jump ahead by 5%
Alt + Prev Page Jump back by 5%
Alt + T Show time
Number keys Jump to corresponding page in the Home Menu
Alphabet keys Jump to corresponding page from alpha-sorted Home Menu
J Show/hide justification options
Alt + Home Go to Amazon Kindle Store
@store  Store search shortcut
@web Web search shortcut (Google)
@wiki  Wikipedia search shortcut
@time  Show current date and time
@author[author’s name] Search Content by Specific Author
Alt + G Refreshes the screen
Up Arrow + SYM button Turns on/off Text To Speech.
Alt+shift+G Creates A Screenshot
Alt+shift+1-9 Changes the spacing and number of lines per page
ALT + Space Play or stop background audio
Press MENU button Display the time
Press MENU button Display free memory
Press MENU button Display wireless network (3G or 1X, if wireless is on)
Shift+ALT+M Play Minesweeper (from home page)
Slide and release the power button Put Kindle to sleep or wake it up
Slide and hold the power button for 4 seconds Power off
Slide and hold the power button for 15 seconds Reset
From Settings Menu, Enter 411 Show Diagnostic Data
Alt + F Next song
ALT+spacebar Play or stop MP3 Audio
Spacebar Pause Audible Audiobook

In the Picture Viewer:



Pan Photo Larger Than Screen

Toggle Actual Size

Toggle Full Screen

Zoom In

Zoom Out


reset zoom level

Use 5-way controller to pan photo

Alt + 1 Show Current Location in Google Maps
Alt + 2 Find Gas Station Nearby
Alt + 3 Find Restaurant Nearby
Alt + 5 Find custom keyword nearby
Alt + D Dump debug info to the log and toggle highlight default item
Alt + Z Toggle zone drawing and shoe log


These are some of the Shortcut Keys / Hotkeys for Kindle 2 which will let you use your ebook reader with extreme ease and fun. Try them and share if I have missed any of the shortcut keys.

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March 2, 2010 by: Prasanth Chandra


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