Secret Document Reveals Microsoft’s XBox 710 Console Plans

Today we live in a world where globally we are conglomerate but yet dependent on one another. They say that we live in a world where one man’s loss is another man’s gain. So we have to be really careful. Secrets are often an essential part of business strategy, especially when it comes to unveiling new products.

The secrecy has become really difficult to show a leak at Microsoft. In the network, a document has surfaced that suggests the equipment and market strategies for the new console “X-Box 720”. They do already feel like the new part.

If the leaked information is right, the surprise is gone.

Apple has led the way with the production of its product launches as a media event and a precisely this model would now like all companies in this industry reveal a previously held top-secret product with a big bang of the astonished world public opinion. This works but only really when the store is tight before. Because if the press before already knows, people would be a lot less enthusiastic.

On Internet (more precisely, on the Scribd Platform Publishing), a 56-page document has surfaced that Microsoft’s plans for the new console “Xbox 720”. Meanwhile, the document from Scribd has been deleted, but of course the rabbit is already out of the hat.

The X-Box 720 as a multimedia center

In short, Microsoft is planning to make their new console an absolute center of life in the living room, a compact entertainment center, where it’s not just gaming console alone, but also home theater requirements can be met as fully as possible. The Group is evidently to rival Sony and its Playstation and the X-Box 720 missed a DVD and BluRay Player with HD resolution of 1080p, 3D support and a cloud-based system, the video-streaming and cloud Gaming will make it possible.

Microsoft also plans to expand the Kinect control with Kinect 2 which would be a improved version over its predecessor and would offer much more precise and innovative control. Nevertheless, it should still be controller, the controller will not run completely on gestures. Somewhat cryptically, the references to a kind of “Kinect glasses” under the code name “Fortaleza”, which is probably a kind of augmented reality system similar to Google’s “Glass Project”. This feature will be released but probably not to launch with the new console. It could be hitting the scene in 2013 and for $ 299 at the store.

Mind you, these speculations might or might not prove to be true. But, it is so exciting talking about COMING SOON stuff.

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June 19, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra


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