Must Have Free Apps For BlackBerry 10

No wonder BlackBerry 10 is the most advanced BlackBerry on the planet till date, but it has to compete with the likes of iPhones, Galaxies and Nokias. Gone are the days when BlackBerry used to be the technically advanced mobile phone. And like I always say, a smartphone is only smart if it has been […]

Best 3 Graphic Cards Below $100 Of 2013

Radeon and GeForce are among the top notch manufactures of graphic cards. Cheap does not always mean low in quality, but yes, it surely is inferior with respect to the expensive ones. But, if you can get find a good but cheap graphic card that could do justice to its price, then its a DEAL. In this […]



4 Best Gaming Monitors 2013 – Part 1

When you think of buying hardware for gaming computers, you think of things like gaming mouse, gaming keyboard, heavy RAM, graphics card but not gaming monitor. In my opinion, gaming monitor is an integral part of a gaming computer setup. There are number of factors which would help you take a decision on buying a […]

BlackBerry 10 Tips And Tricks – Gestures

I have decided to come up with different compilations on BlackBerry 10 tips and tricks. These could be shortcuts, tips & tricks and features. But the fact of the matter is that we would be coming up with posts which would help you use your BlackBerry 10 better. One of the things that the BlackBerry […]

Google Nexus 4 vs BlackBerry Z10 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 – Compare Specs

Smartphone technology is progressing at a very good rate and BlackBerry 10 is one of its example. After much hype, BB10 is out in the market now. BlackBerry has come up with two designs (touch screen and keypad). And in this post we would be comparing, BlackBerry Z10 which is the touchscreen model with the […]

Google Nexus 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5 – Compare Specs

Galaxy S3 is the most advanced smartphone of the Samsung Galaxy family. And on wonder, its one of the most powerful smartphone in the current day market. And we would be comparing it with the most advanced iOS phone, iPhone 5 and the brand new entry in the market, Google Nexus 4, a.k.a. LG Nexus […]

Interesting Free Apps For Nexus 4

As per my opinion, Google Nexus 4 is THE MOST powerful smartphone in the Android segment. And its pretty obvious that you are a proud owner of Nexus and hence you have ended up on this article. We have been sharing some interesting posts on this smartphone like Nexus 4 tips and tricks & stuff, […]

Must Know Nexus 4 Tips, Tricks And Features – Part 2

Lately, we have shared a decent list on Nexus 4 tips, tricks and features and here is the second installment of it. We have tried to cover those tips and tricks that were missed in the previous list, but below listed features are equally useful. And without wasting much of the words and time, lets get […]

Must Know Tips And Tricks For Nexus 4 – Part 1

LG Nexus 4 also known as Google Nexus 4 is one of the most powerful smartphones in the market. And I wont be wrong if I call it THE MOST advanced Android smartphone available. You are the proud owner of Nexus 4 and that is the reason that you have ended onto this article. Anyways, […]

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