Must Know HTC One Tips and Tricks – Hidden Features

HTC One is the most powerful smartphone by HTC of the current date. And in the current scenario, a smartphone is supposed to have a set of interesting features which would differentiate it from the other high end smartphones in the market. Whether it would be Samsung Galaxy S4, Google Nexus 4, BlackBerry 10 or any other high […]

Must Know Samsung Galaxy S4 Features – Part 1

Samsung Galaxy has become more than a brand now. And I won’t be wrong if I say that it has actually become a game changer. It brings so many interesting features with its every release that actually makes you believe that smartphones are actually smart and has all the capabilities to make your day to […]

Must Know Google Nexus 4 Tips and Tricks Part 2

Few months back, we shared a list of few must know Google Nexus 4 tips and tricks. We have come back with one more compilation as promised. With more and more high end smartphones coming into market each day, you (as a buyer) would look for some interesting features. Basic features like camera, display and […]

How To Add New Smileys To WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Twitter

I have always loved smileys since the days of Yahoo Messenger. I have always believed that smileys does offer a nice means to express yourself. It is a scientifically proven fact that interesting smileys does fetch some attention. I have been looking for some interesting smileys to use on WhatsApp and Facebook. And thanks to […]

6 Free Siri Alternatives For Android – Voice Assistants

Siri has surely been one of best additions to iPhone and everybody would appreciate it, whether he would be an iPhone lover or not. Believe it or not, Android lovers do miss the Siri like feature on their devices. In this post, I have tried to list out some of the free Android voice assistants. […]

How To Lock Multiple Apps On Android – AppLock

9 out of 10 Android users who want their smartphones to be locked use the lock which locks the phone itself. But when someone asks for the phone, they have to unlock their phone completely and hand it over to them. And then its like an open book. They can literally do whatever they want, […]

3 Free Android Apps To Sign Documents On Android

Thanks to the apps, smartphones are getting smarter each day. I have always iterated that a smartphone is purposeless if you do not have useful apps on it. One of the main motive behind the smartphone invention was to have something which would help you have an easy life. gadget, And with useful apps loaded […]

3 Free Android Apps To Compress Images / Photos

Why is it necessary to have any means to compress images on your Android device? Well, you share images on social networks, emails, photo sharing sites and chatting services, so its nice to have compressed images as it would help you save some bandwidth. Compressing images would obviously degrade the image quality, but if that […]

Jukefox – Free Genius Mix App For Android – Playlist Generator

As a Mac owner and an iPod owner, I know how powerful Genius Mix feature of Apple is. If you are not aware of Genius Mixes of iTunes, then here is some sunlight. This feature actually creates playlists automatically based on its genre and style. Didn’t make sense? Well, say you are listening to a […]

Things To Do Before Selling Your Smartphone (Android or iOS)

Personal Identify is incredibly priceless in this cyber age. No matter what happens, ensuring that you don’t publish your personal details on Internet (especially, when you do not want to). Smartphones are one of those devices which could possibly have complete information about you. Whether it would be your email accounts, social network accounts, or […]

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