HTC One Mini vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini – Compare Specs

Everybody don’t wish to hold a 5 inch smartphone in their hands. I know many people whose preference is to have a smaller smartphone than a phone with bigger display, or of specific OS, or even powerful camera. We have mini versions available of 2 most popular smartphones in the market namely, HTC One Mini […]

Top 4 Free Android Apps For Pregnancy

Smartphones are going smarter each day. And you are not making the most of your smartphone, if you are not putting it into use properly. Today’s smartphones are as powerful as computers of year 2005. And this does imply that these handheld devices are quite powerful. You load your Android devices with games, utility apps, […]

The Best And Free Way To Send Big Files From Android To iPhone

One of biggest disappointment with Apple devices is the fact that it does not let you share files with any other mobile OS like Android and Windows phone. I have come across a free Android app, which lets you send files from your Android device to any other iOS device. And the developers have suggested […]

How To Activate / Enable Numeric Signal Strength on iPhone

I know its not something unachievable that you are asking for. You can find number of battery apps in the market which would let you replace conventional bar signal strength with numeric signal strength as its more comprehensive. But the fact that this feature is there in your iPhone (hidden), and you need not go for […]

The Best And Most Fool Proof Way To Hide Files On Android

Hiding files is one of the most basic requirement for any computer or smartphone user. Hiding files on computers (whether its Windows, or Mac), is no longer an unknown art. But it surely is a less popular art for all the smartphone users. I have seen people password protecting their smartphones, and they unlock their […]

HTC Butterfly vs Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Sony Xperia Z – Compare Specs

Although Samsung Galaxy 4 sale is not going as expected, but it surely is one of top selling phones of this year. The reason of it being not THE BEST in the market is that more and more good phones are introduced by almost all the manufacturers. In this comparison post, we would comparing Galaxy […]

4 Best Ways To Sync iTunes With Android Devices

There is a huge group of people who love using iTunes and also own an Android device. And you belong to that group, that is the reason you have landed onto this article. iTunes Playlists is one of the its most highlighting features. There is no doubt about the fact that you might have spent […]

How To Take Screenshots Of Selective Screen On iOS Devices

I know its not a everyday need to capture a screenshot of selective screen on your iOS device, but I know a number of people who actually want some help regarding this. I know you have been looking for some help while taking such screenshots, and that is the reason that you have ended on […]

3 Top Free Android Apps To Record Slow Motion Videos

Camera is definitely one of the most integral part of a smartphone. At the same time, a smartphone’s camera might not let to shoot high definition videos, but it surely lets you capture some priceless moments. Have you felt like recording videos in slow motion? If not recording, then how about playing the existing videos in slow […]

Top Free Racing Games For Android Devices – 2013

I know a number of people who JUST LOVE racing games. Whether it would be a gaming console, computer games or smartphone games, a good racing game is what most of the gamers crave for. In this post, I have listed out some of the best free racing games for Android of the current day. […]

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