How To Auto Organize Files On Android

Most of us know that creating rules on folders is one of the best features MS Outlook has ever come up with. And what if such feature powers your Android up such a way that all the files on your Android manage themselves. Yes, I am talking about a File Organizer for Android which works […]

GetThemAll – Download YouTube Videos On Windows Phone

YouTube is surely one of the most visited websites across the planet. And there are a number of users who like downloading videos from YouTube. This particular post it for all such YouTubers using Windows phone. GetThemAll is an application to download videos from YouTube from Windows Phone easily and from a Metro style interface […]

How To Find Faulty Hardware In Your Computer

Finding the faulty software might not be a difficult task, but the doing the same thing for hardware becomes one hell of a task. Yes, finding a faulty hardware on your computer is a difficult task. I should say that its not a very difficult task in the current scenario considering we have so many […]

Best Ways To Record Radio On Android

Yes, smartphones are becoming as powerful as your computers or laptops, but there are things that are still preferred to be done on a computer rather than a smartphone. And there are some things that you want to do on your smartphone, but you cannot as you are not sure how to do it. One […]

9 Must Know Hidden / Unknown Features Of iOS 7

iOS 7 is the latest release of iOS and just like every new OS release, even iOS 7 has got some lesser known (0r) unknown features. And this post is meant to compile all such iOS 7 features. My friend got this iPhone updated to iOS 7 lately, and there were many features which were […]

Face Swap App For Android, iPhone, Windows Phone

Playing with photos is one of the most fun filled things that you would do on your smartphone. Apps like funny faces and all changes the shapes of your face and brings the mirror house to your smartphone. I have identified three different Face Swap apps for three different most popular operating systems of smartphones […]

Must Have Apps For NFL Apps For Android 2013

As NFL Season is just around the corner, I have been sharing some must check out posts on NFL, like ways to watch NFL online for free. But I know that its possible that you are on move and may be you cannot watch the game online. In that case, the only thing that you can […]

Top Relaxing Music Apps For iPhone

No matter how much money you earn, or many awards you earn, you always need soothing thoughts to help your mind relax. And if you have an iPhone, below are some of the means to soothe your mind. I have been looking for some iPhone apps for my friend which would help him sleep (or […]

Top Mini Smartphones 2013

Mini Smartphones are steadily hitting the demand. There are two reasons for it, one is that it comes with the big brand label which brings a great value with it, and second is that these smartphones are budget friendly. I know a good number of people whose budget does not allow them to go for […]

Must Know Ways / Tips To Speed Up Games On Android

Whether it would be 100 years down the memory line or the present day, entertainment has always been a NEED of every human live. Yes, means of entertainment has got changed drastically during all these years. Since the invention of video games, entertainment has taken a whole new different direction. Alright, without getting into the […]

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