5 Best Free Fashion Apps For iPhone

If you’re a fashion junkie, or just like to know about the latest trends and own an iPhone, then this post is just meant for you. I tell you that there are some free apps for iPhone with which you inspire, as clothing is concerned, for your social and professional events and more. Yes, these […]

4 Best Smart Android Apps

In case you haven’t noticed, the world of smartphone apps has recently gone under a huge transformation. Apps are no longer restricted to uses related to entertainment, listening to music, chatting with friends, or taking notes on the go. Indeed, you can do just about anything with a smartphone, from paying your taxes to conducting […]

Nikon 1 J1 vs Nikon 1 J2 vs Sony Alpha NEX-F3 HD – Compare Specs

In this post, we would be comparing some good and new interchangeable lens camera in the market. On one side we have Nikon 1 J1 and its successor Nikon 1 J2 and on the other end, we have Sony Alpha NEX-F3. Both the Nikon interchangeable lens cameras are the entry level cameras. And yes, if […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Motorola Photon Q 4G vs iPhone 4S – Compare Specs

Its been quite a while that Google has acquired Motorola, but we are yet to witness a monster of a smartphone or tablet PC. I am not really sure if Motorola Photon Q 4G is the one, although it does look solid on paper. In this post we would comparing this Motorola smartphone with the […]

Best Android Apps For Work

Gone are the days when only BlackBerry was labelled as a business man phone or a corporate smartphone. With growing market of iPhones and Android smartphones, all these smartphones have become equally powerful. If you have an Android device, and looking for some good Android apps for work, then you have to check this compilation. […]

How To Increase Download Speed On Android

Download accelerator has become one of the most basic tools required tools for any computer. With smartphones being built with more and more powerful hardware each year, you would surely look to use these mini powerhouses at there best. 1 GHz processor has become a common specification for the current day’s smartphones. As I always […]

5 Free Personal Assistants For Android

Siri has been the most incredible feature offered by Apple iPhone or say any smartphone. Because of huge Android user base, the demand for good and free personal assistants for Android has hit the sky. I have already shared a list of free Siri alternatives for Android. Here we are compiling one more list on […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Motorola Electrify 2 vs iPhone 4S – Compare Specs

Here we are comparing the two most powerful smartphones in the market with the newest Motorola Smartphone, Electrify 2. It is a powerful version of its predecessor Electrify. On paper, this Motorola smartphone looks like absolute cracker. Lets compare it with Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4s. And this is why I have titled this post […]

3 Best Free Apps To Scan Business Cards On iPhone

I have recently shared a list on free apps to scan business cards on Android and its time for some iPhone wisdom. I have shared some good stuff like QR Code readers and this post is also about scanning and saving. In this post I would be sharing some good and free apps to scan business cards on […]

3 Best Free Apps To Scan Business Cards On Android

We have shared a lot of stuff on QR codes like QR Code readers, creators and much more. Since business cards with QR codes have not hit the popularity yet, you would still be looking for Business Cards scanners for Android. And this post is about the same. If you have a business card in […]

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