Must Know Ways / Tips To Speed Up Games On Android

Whether it would be 100 years down the memory line or the present day, entertainment has always been a NEED of every human live. Yes, means of entertainment has got changed drastically during all these years.

Since the invention of video games, entertainment has taken a whole new different direction. Alright, without getting into the history of gaming (which is not you have landed here for), I would like to start with the tips to speed up games on Android.

Must Know Ways / Tips To Speed Up Games On Android

Must Know Ways / Tips To Speed Up Games On Android

One of the biggest (and probably the only) reason behind the slow running of a game on your Android device is lack of sufficient memory. Even though you might be running on a powerful configuration, but the fact that there is so much running on your smartphone make things slow.

Android Booster FREE

Its a pretty popular app in the Android market. And its job is to free up memory, optimize your battery usage, kill tasks, uninstall apps and few more maintenance jobs. I have it on my Android and I believe that its a must have app. Its an all in one optimizer.

Game Booster

This is a app meant to boost your games. All you need to do is launch this app, choose the game and tap on the displayed icon to speed up the game. When you do so, this app basically kills the uselessly running apps and frees out some memory. You can use this app to speed up not only games but also other Android apps.

Phone Booster

This is one of the top class Android boosters available. To be precise, it takes care of your phone’s memory in such a way that it is used in an optimized manner. And when your phone’s memory is allocated properly, its pretty obvious that the game you launch on your device will get required chunk of memory and would run good.

Smart RAM Booster

Its a very popular app with thousands of users across the globe. It runs in different modes which decide what sort of processes are to be killed. Other than that, its other features like Auto Boost, Overlay Widget, Boost Now function, App manager and few more helps you make the most of your smartphone’s memory.

Increase The CPU Speed

There are number of ways to increase the CPU speed and we will explore that aspect for you soon.

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