Must Have Retro Games For Android

Technology has come a long way, but sometimes, the best stuff is a blast from the past. Retro gaming is in style because of the straightforward yet intense game play, and the simple nature of these games seems to make them a perfect match for the mobile technology of today.

Below are the must have retro games for your Android. Make sure that your cell phone plans allow for downloads.

1. Pac Man

The game play of everyone’s favourite dot eating, ghost chomping yellow hero never really seems to age. New avatar, same great game. You know a game is good when it does not have to rely on all of the fancy graphics and new game tricks that programmers today sometimes substitute for core game play.

2. Tetris

Arguably the simplest, yet most addictive game ever made, Tetris has spawned countless copies and taken up many an hour on a plane ride or in the back row of school. It may have even ended a relationship or two! The dynamics of dependency aside, you simply flip bricks to make rows without holes before the entire well gets filled up. Watch out, because as you get better, the game gets faster.

3. Snake

First immortalized on old Nokia phones, Snake finds you playing a gradually elongating snake that you must lead around a walled room for as long as you can without bumping into your tail or any of the walls. Grow your snake and gain points by eating food, which makes it harder to avoid yourself. A definite challenge for the mind.

4. Galaxy (Galaga)

The arcade classic alien shoot ‘em up is back on Android. While the graphics are slightly different, the core game play has not changed: Shoot the flying bugs before they hit you or shoot you. Test your shooting skills in the bonus rounds, and employ a bit of strategy: If you let your fighter get captured and rescue it, you can then combine two ships for double the
firepower (some might even argue that this is necessary to complete the higher levels and bonus rounds)!

5. Space Invaders

Although Galaga is a classic, a retro collection on Android, or anywhere, would simply not be complete without Space Invaders. And unlike Galaga, this port has been brought over with more of the original graphics and tempo of the original. Destroy the aliens before they make it down to your ship and destroy you. Dodge their shots and hide behind barriers, but not for too long, as they will eventually get shot through!

6. Pong

This addictive game is perhaps the simplest video game in history, and its magic is captured completely on the Android. All they had to do to capture the magic was not try to make it all graphically crazy and complex, and thank God they did that. Fake out your opponent in a 2D game of tennis (or air hockey, depending on your perspective) by moving your rectangular guard horizontally and hitting, spinning, and speeding the ball past your opponent. Based on the placement, speed, and movement after you hit the ball, you can perform numerous tricks to confuse your opponent and score goals.

7. Frogger

Why did the Frogger cross the road? Because he didn’t have anything else to do except alleviate your boredom. And there are very few ways that you can be bored trying to get your frog across to the other side while trying to jump on logs, turtles and lillies that disappear, and dodge cars. Combine that with the upbeat music and you have a great port of a classic.

Article written by Spencer Hogg from the Cell Phone Expert website where great cell phone plans can be found and compared.

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