Kidoz – Safe Web Environment for Kids – Free Parental Control Browser

If you are a parent or guardian worried about your kids online browsing, Try Kidoz, an Adobe Air application for  free and safe Web Environment which is especially designed for young kids to surf their favorite sites, watch videos and play games with enhanced security with a lot of personalization options.

Kidoz provides a password-protected Parental Control page which lets you moderate and control your child’s browsing activities and allows only pre-approved content. The system blocks links, scripts and any other attempts that lead to sites and content that have not been approved, preventing them from being viewed by the children.

kidoz - web entertainment for kids

Along with it you can personalize KIDO’Z by uploading new content, selecting user interface and content languages, enhancing security settings, allowing/blocking any content, and more.

The different features available are..

  • Kidoz TV with YouTube for kids and access to personal and uploaded videos.
  • Kidoz Game Center which have kid-safe games with all banners and links blocked and customization of game content according to your child’s personal settings
  • Favorites management
  • Parental Control where you can moderate, personalize and share content with other users
  • Available in 17 languages

Download Kidoz and use it to create a fun filled web environment with colorful user interface makes it one of the best tools for Kids online entertainment.  You need Adobe Air to use this application.

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October 13, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra


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