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There are number of ways to keep your children away form the ugly side of the Internet. Whether it be monitoring their each and every action or making them use some trustable kid browsers like Kidzo. Kideos is a free web application which allows your kids to watch safe videos. Kidoes allows your kids to safely watch videos online.

Kideos – Free and Safe Videos For Kids

Personally, I love this service to a great extent. This web application is a recommendation for all professionals who work with security and privacy online. All the content is screened by their Video Advisory Council which makes it completely trustable. No doubt that YouTube is a great place where a kid can learn new things watching videos. But filtering content from the site itself is quite a difficult task.

Kideos – Free and Safe Videos For Kids

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Kideos lists selected videos from YouTube to the age of your child with drawings and educational content. The design of the site is very user friendly and so it helps to draw the attention of children. All the videos are categorized as per different age groups and types like cartoon characters, Disney movies etc.

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November 10, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra


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