Introducing Project Ara: What it means for Gamers

While you may well have heard of Project Ara, the quality of details released into the public domain remains sketchy at best. In terms of core information, the majority of consumers know little more than the fact that it is a new Google innovation that is aimed at revolutionizing smartphone design and functionality.

Essentially, Google is looking to build on years of smartphone development and evolution, both in terms of design and functionality. Using this foundation of hard work, it is hoping to redefine the core attributes of smartphone design and create handsets that are modular and entirely flexible in their construction.

How would Modular Phones Work?

According to Google, modular phones offer considerable advantages to users in terms of design and maintenance. In instances where your smartphone suffers from a cracked screen, however, the normal process would require you to visit a specialist who can execute a costly and potentially time consuming repair. With a modular phone, however, you would have the opportunity to simply remove your damaged screen manually and fit a competitively priced replacement. Not only would this make it far easier to maintain your smartphone, but it would also help you to cut the cost of mobile repairs.

Modular Phones

Modular phones also offer flexible design options to users. If you imagine each component of the phone as an independent unit that is connected to a main hard drive, then it stands to reason that each of these entities can be removed, replaced and customized as required. Google are also looking to design an entire series of modular accessories for their phone, so that users can create a customized kit that enhances experiences such as mobile gaming. Take the Flippypad, for example, which is an innovative game controller that can be easily installed and removed according to each user’s needs.

What do Modular Smartphones Means for Mobile Gaming?

This component is particularly interesting, as it can help modular smartphones to steal a march on their rivals in terms of the experience that they offer to mobile gamers. This is an extremely lucrative market at present, especially as independent sites like continue to offer flexibility and a diversity of games to users. The Flippypad would serve as a highly evolved and multi-functional control pad, while initial designs suggest that it would be large enough to carry additional battery power.

In addition to making mobile gaming for accessible and enjoyable, it is important to note that the Flippypad helps to create a more interactive and convenient experience. The action of using a control pad helps to immerse gamers in their chosen title, while the fact that the unit can be detached and reattached easily means that individuals can use it only as required. It is here that Project Ara truly demonstrates an understanding of the contemporary consumer, who typically demands easy to use and flexible products that fulfill a unique and pressing need

While it may be some time before modular phones reach the consumer market, there is little doubt that they will have a big impact in terms of changing the perception of smartphones.

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May 27, 2014 by: Prasanth Chandra

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