Interesting Free Apps For Nexus 4

As per my opinion, Google Nexus 4 is THE MOST powerful smartphone in the Android segment. And its pretty obvious that you are a proud owner of Nexus and hence you have ended up on this article.

We have been sharing some interesting posts on this smartphone like Nexus 4 tips and tricks & stuff, do check it. Alright, lets talk about this particular compilation now.

Since Nexus 4 is basically an Android smartphone, I would try not to list out the common apps. Infact, I would be listing out only those apps which would prove to be of some worth on this powerful smartphone. Hence, the compilation has been titles as the interesting free apps for Nexus 4.

must have apps for nexus 4

Interesting Free Apps For Nexus 4 – Must Have Nexus 4 Apps

Dungeon Hunter 3

I wanted to list ONLY ONE game in this compilation and Dungeon Hunter 3 is my choice. If your Android has a good display with powerful graphics, then you have to check this game out. And hence, I label it as a must have free game for Nexus 4.

Fast File Transfer

This is an incredible app to transfer files between two Android devices. This app offers a faster way (20 times faster) than the conventional Bluetooth transfer as it uses the WiFi tethering. And yes, it does not use Internet so do not worry about your Internet data being consumed. This app is not functional on many Android devices, but works like charm on Nexus 4.


With such a powerful camera, how could you not equip your Nexus 4 with the best photography Android app in the market. Sounds stupid, right? So, get this app on your Nexus 4 so that you can unleash the hidden photographer inside of you.


You like reading on your smartphone? If that’s true, then get your Nexus 4 loaded with this wonderful ebook reader app. In addition to just reading books, you can use this app to buy ebooks. access Dictionary, Wikipedia & Google, borrow ebooks from library, customize your reading panel and much more.

Screen Control

You have dozens of battery saving Android apps available, but I find them pointless. Since you get task manager with your Android anyhow, the only thing which could help you save some battery is by managing your display’s brightness. This app is basically a screen filter meant for AMOLED displays. A straight forward app to save some battery life.


Like Instagram is for photos, Viddy is for videos. You can capture videos, beautify them and share them. Some say that pictures capture thousand emotions, and I say that videos capture 1 million emotions. Get this app loaded, and do not miss to capture the worthy few seconds of your life now and then.

These are the ones that I have come across. But I would soon be back with the next installment of the best free apps for Nexus 4.

Go Nexus!

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February 4, 2013 by: Prasanth Chandra

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