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With HTC Salsa, you will always be on Facebook — and that is probably the first thing an HTC smartphone salesman is going to tell you. Given the other good-but-not-excellent features, that is most probably the sole unique selling point about this new kid with an Android operating system on the smartphone block. Yes, the design looks good; the camera has a trend-setting feel about it; the price is not too high and the performance is not sub-par as well. But these cannot be the distinctive factors in a smartphone market, witnessing a crazy drive for features and quality just about every day. Therefore, if you love Facebook, you may love HTC Salsa as well. Let us take a look at what HTC Salsa brings to the table for you.

The distinctive Facebook button

It stands out — the Facebook button, located just below the main screen tells you what HTC Salsa is about mainly. Press the button to update your status. Long press the button to update your current location and to tag and caption the images. You can also use the button in specific apps to send music tracks or video clips to your Facebook profile. However, the number of such apps is rather limited.

Convenient Facebook chat app

HTC Salsa gives you a separate Facebook chat app to chat with your friends. The app is easily accessible and is easy to use. The app has received rave reviews from its users.

Good camera but ordinary video

The camera certainly does not compare with the high-end cameras, but given the price, is definitely an excellent value-addition. The shutter release is excellent and the quality of pictures is very good. The camera might not do a very good job when handling dark colors in a low-light situation, for example, but all-in-all, the details and saturation levels are good.

The video, however, does not match the capabilities of the camera. The quality of videos captured with a 720X480 resolution is rather ordinary.

Sleek and robust design

The HTC Salsa has a single aluminum casing and has a curved look about it. The battery and the SD card are located in a small slot. The design and the material quality both get a thumbs-up.

Decent but not excellent resolution

Overall, the HVGA resolution on the 3.4 inches of screen is satisfactory though the brightness and contrast levels are less sharp than most of WVGA displays. The sunlight legibility is rather ordinary as well.

Good internet connectivity

It had to be, given the promise of a constant Facebook connectivity. It has dual-band 3G, quad-band GSM, Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi and GPS all working pretty well.

Good performance

The call quality has received many positive comments. The battery life is not bad either. If you are a frugal user, the battery can stretch up to a couple of days which is not bad for a Smartphone.

As a package, HTC Salsa leaves a positive impression. However, with all of its features residing somewhere in the middle-tier of performance and quality, Facebook is most probably going to be the one that can set the sales charts moving upwards. The not-so-high price is also an advantage.

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