How To Wish Birthdays Automatically On Facebook

There have been times when I forgot to wish my friends happy birthday. Then I wondered if there is any way to wish birthdays automatically on Facebook. So, I tried to find if there is any web service which would cater to this need of mine. Then, I came across an app for Android and iPhone which does this for me.

If you have an iPhone or Android device, then you won’t be missing any of your friends’ birthdays. All you have to do is sync your Facebook accounts with this app and it would automatically post wishes on your friend’s wall. So here is some insight on such apps.

Automatically Wish Birthdays On Facebook On iPhone

Facebook Genie is what we were talking about. This iPhone app lets you schedule your wishes and posts birthday wishes on your friend’s wall automatically.

Now you no longer need to say Belated Happy Birthday, as this app works like charm. All you need to do is customize your message and that is it, as rest can be handled by this app.

Automatically Wish your Friends Birthdays on Facebook using Android

If you do not have an iOS device, then an Android device would do.  The app named BestWishes does the same that Facebook Genie does on iOS device. You can’t customize your birthday message in its free version, but it can wish unlimited number of your friends happy birthday automatically.

So if you do not visit Facebook much, then these iPhone and Android apps would let you wish birthdays automatically on Facebook. All you need to do is sync these apps with your Facebook account and that is it.

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June 20, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra


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