How To Unroot Samsung Galaxy 3

We have already talked about the complete tutorial to root Samsung Galaxy 3, and once you root it, you might want to unroot it too. So, here is the complete tutorial to unroot Samsung Galaxy 3 too.

If you wish to unroot Samsung Galaxy 3, then here is the step by step method:

  • Before you start with this method to unroot Galaxy 3, make sure that you have Root Explorer on your phone. If you do not have the same, then download it and install the same on your Galaxy using its .apk file.
  • Once you are done with the installation part, run the same from your Galaxy 3 smartphone.
  • Once you run it, it would ask you if you need Super privileges. Simple allow it by tapping on the option labelled as allow.
  • Now, tap on the option labelled as Mount R/W which would change into Mount R/O.
  • Once you are done with above steps, simply scroll down and enter system folder and then enter bin folder.
  • Now scroll down further and you will find a file named as su. Tap on it and hold it as you are required to tap on Delete option.
  • Now go back and again enter system folder and the enter app folder, where you would again need to enter the system folder
  • Scroll down and find a file labelled as superuser.apk. Tap and hold it as you need to delete it.
  • Once you are done with it, simply exit the Root Explorer as you are done with the procedure to unroot Samsung Galaxy 3.


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