How To Trasnfer / Export Contacts From Nokia Phone To BlackBerry

While switching from one phone to another, transferring contacts is always a task. And if you are switching to BlackBerry, you must be looking a way to transfer / export contacts from Nokia phone to BlackBerry.

There are two easy ways to export / transfer contacts from any Nokia phone to BlackBerry. Here are they:


This method requires you to have a computer, Nokia PC Suite, MS Outlook and BlackBerry Desktop Manager Software apart from your Nokia Phone and BlackBerry.

STEP 1: To start with, install Nokia PC Suite on your computer and then connect your Nokia phone to the computer.

STEP 2: Once the Nokia PC Suite detects the phone, you need to launch MS Outlook Express as it now synchronizes the contacts on Nokia phone with your MS Outlook. And once it syncs, it will transfer all the contact from your Nokia phone to MS Outlook.

STEP 3: Now since all the contacts are copied, you can now close Nokia PC Suite and disconnect your Nokia phone.

STEP 4: Now you need to connect your BlackBerry and launch BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

STEP 5: Now, you need to look for an option labeled anything like synchronize contacts with MS Outlook. When you find it, simply click on it. That is it.

Isn’t is easy. This is one of the way by which you can transfer contacts from Nokia phone to BlackBerry. If you find this way a little bit technical or you do not have the required software to do it, then there is one more way which does not require any computer


You will find this method easy, as it does not involve any computer, software or any geeky stuff. First, you need to copy all your contacts from your Nokia phone to your SIM. For that, navigate your Nokia mobile as,

Menu > Contacts > Options > Copy > All Contacts > Keep Original

Now, you have copied all your contacts to your SIM. Next you need to copy those contacts from your SIM card to BlackBerry. For that, insert this SIM in your BlackBerry and copy all those contacts from your SIM to your phone.

That is all. This one is way much easier. Isn’t it?

These were the two simple ways to transfer / export contacts from Nokia phone to BlackBerry. Based on your wish and resources you can follow any of these methods.

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