How To Transfer Files From Android To Computer Wireless

Is it really possible to transfer files from Android to computer wireless? Yes, it is provided you have a WiFi connection on your computer. There is a free app, SwiFTP FTP Server for Android which can be installed on your device and you can get going with it.

But what exactly does this app this? Well, this free Android app would basically map a new network drive on your computer through which you can access your Android device. And while you are doing all this, make sure that you computer as well as your Android is connected to WiFi.

Transfer Files From Android To Computer Wireless

Switch on to Android market and look for the app called SwiFTP FTP Server and download on your Android device. Once its done, install it and run it.

Now when you run this app, it would ask you to enter User ID and Password. Make sure you remember these credentials as you need them to connect to computer wirelessly.

And you need not change the port number and tap on the Save button. But if it throws some kind of error, then you can go ahead and change the port number.

Now you need to tap on the Start button, and when you do it, it would display you with the WiFi URL. Make sure that you copy down that URL and also Stop the service while you are not transferring files from Android to computer wirelessly.

Its time to handle you computer now. Right click on My Computer and click on Map Network Drive option. And right down the window, there is a link labeled as Connect to a website that you can use to store your documents and pictures and click on the Next button on the Wizard window.

Now, click on the Choose a custom network location and click on Next button. And in the provided field, enter the WiFi URL that you got in one of the above steps. Uncheck on Log on anonymously option and enter the User ID that you have entered earlier.

Now enter the name that you want to give to the Android which would connect your computer and Android wirelessly. Now click on the Finish button ensuring that SwiFTP server app is still running on your Android device and check box on Open this network location will appear in Computer.

Now in the next window, enter the User ID and Password and click on Log On button. This will open a window showing all the files on your Android. So, it like browsing files of your Android device on your computer.

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May 6, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra


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