How To Setup VPN On iPad

This seems to be some kind of VPN season as I am writing lot of stuff on VPN. This post is for all iPad users, as I would be telling you how to setup VPN on iPad.

Creating VPN on iPad is not at all a heavy task and it can be done in few minutes provided you have a VPN account. Now creating yourself a VPN account is something that you have to do.

There are number of VPN services available on Internet, paid and free. You can check the 20 best free VPN services if you are looking for free VPN services or else you can go for any good paid service.

If you wish check more incredible stuff on VPN, then go ahead. In this post, we would talking of the steps to create VPN for iPad or any iOS for that matter.

Steps To Setup VPN On iPad – Create VPN On iOS

Before we go ahead with it, I am assuming that you have already created a VPN account for yourself. So lets take it forward.

  • Get to the Home screen on your iPad and navigate as follows:

 Settings > General > Network > VPN > Add VPN Configuration

  • Now it would straight away prompt you to enter details of your VPN which would include VPN Server, User ID, Password, and other configuration items
  • Now turn WiFi OFF before connecting to VPN
  • In the Settings option, you will find a VPN option. Just ensure that you turn it ON while using it
  • IF it prompts you to enter password for VPN connection, just go ahead and enter the same
  • Once connected, you can start browsing which apparently would be safe and secured browsing

This is the complete step by step guide to create / setup VPN on iPad. If you face any issues while connecting to it, or setting it up please let us know.

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March 9, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra


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