How To Setup Fix Issues / Errors On Android Market Webstore

We have already shared a tutorial to download and install apps from Android Market webstore. There are few of the issues / errors people are facing while trying out this webstore. Here is a small tutorial to fix issues / errors on Android Market webstore.

While you are trying to use this webstore, you might face an error saying, “There are no Android Phones associated with this account”. So, the below guide will let you fix these Android Market webstore issues.

Fix Issues / Errors On Android Market Webstore

  • Login to the Android Market webstore.
  • Now navigate to My Account > Recovering your Password
  • Now it will prompt you to enter the password in order to validate ┬áthat you are the right user
  • Now under the SMS section, click on Edit
  • There, if you cannot see your phone number enter your number and then Save it
  • And if you can see your phone number, delete it, save it and logout of the market
  • Now login back to the Android market webstore,┬ánavigate similarly, enter you phone number, save it and sign out

Now, again login to the Android Market webstore and navigate to My Market Account > Settings. There you will now find your Android smartphone or device. If you still face this error, you better use a new account. This is how you can fix issues / errors on Android market webstore.

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February 25, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra

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