How To Play Xbox 360 Games On PC / Computer

All you need is a good Xbox emulator, then can easily run / play any Xbox 360 game on PC / computer. But you need to have a powerful computer in order to enjoy the Xbox game thoroughly on computer. There are not many Xbox emulators available on Internet since this whole concept it new for Xbox.

Here is the step by step guide which lets you run / play Xbox 360 games on PC:

STEP 1: First download a good Xbox emulator on your PC. Right now, I would suggest Xeon and Cxbc as they are the most capable emulators.

STEP 2: Once you download any of these Xbox emulator, you need to run it in order to play Xbox 360 game on your PC.

STEP 3: Now, you need to insert the Xbox game disk into your drive, or else its image on the hard drive will do.

STEP 4: Now click on FILE on the Main Menu and then click on the option labeled as LOAD.

STEP 5: Now, wait while the game loads. This might take some while as Xbox 360 games ask for high end hardware requirement.

Using this method, you can run most of the Xbox 360 games on your PC / computer provided you have a powerful assembly with robust graphics support.

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November 23, 2010 by: Prasanth Chandra


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