How To Install PSPTube On Sony PSP Console

Here is a tutorial to help you with how to install PSPTube homebrew firmware on your Sony PSP Console. PSPTube is actually a homebrew application which lets you watch online videos from sites like YouTube.

How To Install PSPTube On Sony PSP Console

So you need not download those flv videos, convert them, copy them to your PSP Console and watch them. With, PSPTube you can directly watch them from YouTube on your PSP.

Below are the steps to install PSPTube on your Sony PSP Console:

Step 1: Download PSPTube

While downloading PSPTube, make sure that you look for the newest version in order to avoid  any bugs and make the best of this program.

Step 2: Installation of PSPTube on your PSP Console

Once you download this homebrew program and extract it on your PSP storage space, you will see three folders there namely, 100, 150 and 200Over.

Now, select the folder namely 200Over and rename it to PSPTube. Then, drag and drop this renamed folder onto the GAME folder.

Now switch OFF your PSP Console and restart it in the recovery mode (by holding the R key while restarting it). And set the GAME folder to Kernel3xx.

Step 3: Form a Network

After installing this homebrew program on your PSP, navigate to Network Settings on your console. There create and save a new network in order to use PSPTube.

Now switch Wi Fi ON and navigate to GAME folder, where you will find the PSPTube.

Step 4: Use PSPTube

Simply launch the homebrew program and once you confirm that the connection made by you is active, PSPTube is all set to be used.

Now just look for the videos you want to watch by searching them with the help of the PSPKeyboard. Select the videos, wait while they buffer and watch them.

Happy YouTube – ing on PSP with PSPTube!

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February 12, 2010 by: Prasanth Chandra


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