How To Fix PS3 DNS Error

When one of my friend tried to connect his PS3 to Internet for the first time, he encountered an error saying Cannot Connect Error. Since it was the first time he tried doing so, he though something was wrong with this gaming console. But that was actually a DNS error. So, lets talk about how to fix PS3 DNS error.

What exactly do we mean by DNS error? Well, DNS (Domain Name Service) is responsible for all the mapping of the IPs and domains. It means that it is responsible for you directing to the correct web site. So, there are some kind of issues of DNS, you cannot connect to Internet.

It is not that it is common with computers only. You could encounter DNS error in any device which could be connected to Internet. So, if you come across this PS3 DNS error, then there is no need to worry, as nothing is wrong with your gaming console, it is just about few settings.


How To Fix PS3 DNS Error – Fix DNS Error On PlayStation 3

Before we start with, let me tell you that there is not sure shot solution for this DNS error, but you can try the below ways as these work out in majority of the cases.

  • Turn your gaming console and modem off. Keep them switched off for few minutes, and then restart both of them. Now, try connecting to the Internet. See if it helps
  • There are basically two IP addresses, Primary and Secondary. So, when you are setting up the connection on your console, make sure that you enter the right IP at the right field. I meant that take care that you do not switch those IPs
  • Sometimes the firewall of PS3 blocks all kind of domain action with the device. So, you can see if things work out fine when you turn off the firewall of the gaming console
  • This could also be happening because of some kind of bug in the firmware. If possible, upgrade the firmware of your device. And when it is done totally, try connecting to it again
  • If these things do not work out, then there is a high possibility that something is wrong with the router. To confirm that, try with different router. If it is working fine, then it is the time to buy a new one

So before you end up taking your PS3 console to the Sony service station make sure that you read the manual properly, and try these ways. This will save your time and money. Why to bother your pocket when you can fix PS3 DNS error on your own. If there is any other way which you think would work out, please share with us.

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July 4, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra


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