How To Find IMEI Number Of Lost Android Smartphones

With the coming of smartphones, things have gone simpler. Whether it would be checking emails, browsing Internet, or entertaining yourself, smartphones are always there at your service.

Let me ask a simple question to you. What would you do if you lose your Android smartphone? May be you are quite right with your answer, but here is what you need to do the moment you get to know that you lost your Android smartphone.

  • Get the incident reported to your mobile operator, as they could help you track it down
  • Launch a complaint at the local Police Station
  • Find the IMEI number of your Android smartphone as it could help you track your phone
  • If you have used any smartphone tracking app then use it ( if you are not using a tracking app, then do it)

In this post, we would help you find IMEI number of your lost Android smartphone. There are many ways to get it, and below are some of the possible ways.

Ways To Find IMEI Number Of Lost Android Smartphones

Ways To Find IMEI Number Of Lost Android Smartphones

  • Check your phone bill

If you are running on a post paid service, then get your phone and bill and look out for IMEI number over there. You will surely find your smartphone’s IMEI number regardless its make or firmware on which it is running.

  • Use Internet

We know that each and every Android device is synced with a Google Account and hence, we can say that Google Server would be having all the information about your device.

Now login to your Google Dashboard account and look for the section labelled as Android. Click on the section to get expanded details and you will find all the details like your mobile make, IMEI number, carrier network, and much more.

These are the two easiest ways to find IMEI number of your lost Android smartphones.

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July 30, 2013 by: Prasanth Chandra

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