How To Download Paid Android Apps For Free

Well, I wont be sharing a trick to bluff Android Market and download paid Android apps for free. Infact, we would be using a all new market itself. So if you are wondering what does this new Android market has to do with the paid apps. Then let me clear the air for you.

This Android market, AppPlanet has substitute free apps of almost all the popular apps on that actual Android market. If we talk about the actual paid apps, then their prices go from $0.99 to around $200. Where as the apps on AppPlanet are absolutely free.

Currently AppPlanet features around 15,000 apps which covers almost all the popular apps. These substitute apps not only work like the original apps, but also look similar to the original paid apps. You can say that this market does nothing but aggregates all the substitute apps for paid apps on the Android market.

I’m not very sure about its legality but good reviews have been flying around on Internet. So, seems like its safe using the apps available on AppPlanet. And the fact that it wont stop you from using regular Android market makes you use AppPlanet to get paid Android apps for free.

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June 16, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra


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