How To Auto Organize Files On Android

Most of us know that creating rules on folders is one of the best features MS Outlook has ever come up with. And what if such feature powers your Android up such a way that all the files on your Android manage themselves.

Yes, I am talking about a File Organizer for Android which works on the concept of Rule Based auto sorting, namely Redirect File Organizer. This Android app actually pushes the files into the respective folders based on its file type.

No wonder, one of the biggest difference between a computer and a smartphone is the fact that you can organize files on your computer far more easily than you can do on your smartphone or Android. And if you are one of those who have realised this problem, then you need to check this app.

Once you launch Redirect File Organizer for the first time, it would play a tutorial which is recommended to check out as it would clear many of your questions on HOW TO USE THIS APP.

auto file orgainzer for android

Well, this Automatic File Orgainzer for Android offers two types of redirections. One is labelled as Simple Redirects, which basically directs three types of files in three different folders which are documents, movies and  videos, music and audio. Based on the type of the file, this app automatically moves the file to the respective folder.

And the other redirection is called Custom Redirects where you can differentiate files based on their extensions. And not just that, you can even make a list of file extensions, which would be black listed so that it wont be included in the redirection process. In Custom Redirects, there is another feature which is based on name of the files rather than on file extensions.

In addition to all these redirecting features, there are few more features that this particular app has got which makes it pretty useful one. If it finds that a file which is being moved has got the same name to that of an already existing file, it would rename the new file. And it also lets you undo all the moves just by tapping on the UNDO button.

All in all, Redirect File Orgainzer is surely one of the most useful apps you would ever find on Android market as it handles the most basic and yet most necessary job of orgainzing files on your Android device. Give it a try.

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December 10, 2013 by: Prasanth Chandra

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