HealthKart Plus – Find Cheap Medicines On Android

This is surely one of the best apps ever introduced in India. Its a know fact that markets in almost all the commerces exploit buyers in number of ways. And selling the same sort of thing under the name of bigger brand gives them the right to sell them for higher prices.

Medicines is definitely one of those things which belong to the above category that we have been talking about. Its a known thing that a medicine under a bigger brand which costs Rs 2000/- can be bought for Rs 500/-  or so, manufactured by some smaller yet respected brands.

To help you, there has been a new Android app introduced in Google Play Store named HealthKart Plus. Its a pretty simple to use. All you need to do is punch in the name of the medicine whose cheaper substitutes you are looking for and this app would list out all the cheaper alternatives to your costlier medicines.

find cheaper medicine

Apart from finding you cheaper alternatives, it also lets you have a detailed look at the medicines’ ingredients. and also lets you check any medicine is available in your area by punching in your area’s pin code.

One of its best features apart from its capability to find out cheaper substitutes is to help you what each medicine in their dictionary is made of, its manufacturer’s name, its market price, its side effects, and much more.

Below is the summarised list of HealthKart Plus’s features:

  • Explore, find and buy medicines
  • Use your area’s pin code to find the availability of the medicines
  • Find cheaper alternatives
  • Purchase medicines by uploading your doctor’s prescriptions
  • Save your favourite brands and medicines
  • Use it as a Medical Dictionary
  • Edit medicines to the database
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January 28, 2014 by: Prasanth Chandra

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