Google Phone Nexus Two Is Similar To Motorola Shadow And Is Blackberry Killer, Is It?

Rumors are heating up that Google Phone Nexus Two Is Similar To Motorola Shadow. Just after the few days of HTC Google Phone Nexus One release, such rumors are flying from China. Google Nexus One haven’t even reached the European markets and people have started talking about Google Phone Nexus Two.

Google Phone Nexus Two Is Similar To Motorola Shadow

Lately, Motorola was present at the same talk as the Google Executive, Andy Rubin where Motorola stressed on the importance of Android OS in future Smartphones and Google talked about Nexus One. And we never know, me might see Motorola manufacturing Google Phone Nexus Two.

If the rumors are true, then we might witness a better version on Nexus One in the form of Motorola Google Nexus Two, with QWERTY keyboard and a large screen. It is supposed that Nexus Two might target the business class and might even result as a Blackberry Killer.

Although we are unaware of the exact specifications of Google Nexus Two, it might feature THE BEST security and managing options, if they really intend to capture the large market share of Blackberry. And we wont be surprised if Google plans to have something special in their upcoming Nexus Smartphone.

Well, are these rumors really true? Will Google utilize their planning and technology to build the best business class phone on the planet? Let us know your views by leaving few comments.

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January 19, 2010 by: Prasanth Chandra


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