Free Spy Apps For Android

Android powers millions of mobile phones in over 190 countries worldwide. It is the leading installed base of mobile platform, which is growing rapidly every day with millions of users enjoying its features. Android devices are certainly the best because of the wide range of content it features, which includes games, apps and digital content. Almost all the leading smartphones are powered by Android these days due t its exclusive features and gaming platforms. In addition, Android also offers a secret network using the latest range of mobile technologies.

Android phones can be monitored easily with the use of invisible monitoring applications. People have various purposes for tracking a certain mobile phone – parents want to monitor their kids, a spouse wants to monitor the husband or wife, employer wants to monitor an employee – and they are legitimate reasons behind such a behavior. Android monitoring software is invisible, thereby allowing you to maintain discretion. You can access all the basic features of a target mobile, including call logging, SMS logging, location tracking and other features.  However, you would have to choose the software after a lot of consideration so that it suits your needs.

Free Spy Apps For Android


SpyBubble is the latest and the best of all Android spy software available today. It is a well designed spying application that can be used on any of the Android phone. There are some basic functions included in this application that can retrieve any data or information about a target Android phone. You can secretly monitor call logs, read and retrieve text messages, use GPS tracker, enable phonebook logging features, visit browser history, track emails, and view photos.


MobileSpy has become one of the most convenient mobile monitoring applications to be used in the recent times. It comes with all the important features of monitoring software, such as call tracking, SMS tracking, GPS tracking, email tracking, browsing history,
social network tracking, recording all posts and chats, tracking viewed photos and videos etc.  MobileSpy works on all the latest mobile platforms, including Android, Blackberry, Symbian and iPhone.

Android Keylogger

Android Keylogger is the latest android monitoring software, apt for tracking kids. Also called keystroke logger or system monitor, it is a unique program that can monitor each keystroke of the target phone on a keyboard. Keylogger is used not only for tracking, but also for recording system events, such as Power off, USB connections, SD card removal and WiFi connections.


It is one of the most favorite applications for parents who want to monitor their kids and teens to protect them from abusers. In addition to all the basic features, StealthGenie also has a feature called Geo Fencing. With this feature, you can define the boundary on a map for a specific phone. The application will send alerts whenever the phone goes beyond the fixed boundary.


It is an advanced mobile tracking app that has many new features apart from the usual ones. You can set alerts according to some words like violence and drugs, restrict downloads and even block access to the phone during peak hours or school hours.

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