Free License Key For ESET Mobile Security 6 Months

If you care to use a smartphone secured from any sort of virus, malware or spam, here is a chance to get 6 months of free license key for ESET Mobile Security. This is a giveaway running on OVI Store.

So what exactly ESET Mobile Security can do for your smartphone? Its Smart Firewall sets amazing restriction on the incoming and outgoing data making sure that everything is safe and secure. Apart from that it offers features like SIM pairing, SMS / MMS Anti Spam, scanning files on your mobile to ensure that everything is safe on your phone.

Avail Free License Key For ESET Mobile Security 6 Months

First thing you need to is visit the promo page.

Once it is submitted as shown above, click on the Gonder button as it will submit your details. Once done, you will receive the serial code to the above mentioned email ID.

Since you got the serial now, visit this page. This form is to obtain yourself username and password. Once you are done completing the form, just click on the given button. And this confirms your successful completion of activating the serial for ESET Mobile Security.

So just download ESET Mobile Security if you do not have it from here and start using it.

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August 2, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra


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