PhotoSketch – Innovative Drawing Application – Better Than Photoshop – How To Use Photosketch – Most Amazing Drawing Tool Ever

“This is the most amazing and a mind blowing application that I have ever come across!” These will be the words when you will actually come to know about PhotoSketch. PhotoSketch is a web based application which converts yours rough drawing into amazing real-life sketch. This amazing drawing application designed by five Chinese Computer Science […]

Muzu TV – Watch, Share and Create Music Video Playlists – Similar To YouTube

YouTube has undoubtedly been a revolution when it comes to watching, sharing or creating video video playlists. Muzu TV is a similar site like YouTube, some might even call it YouTube Clone. But itself is a rocking and amazing music video site and it is all for free Finding videos in Muzu TV is […]

Dirpy – Convert YouTube Videos Into MP3 / How To Download YouTube Videos

YouTube is undoubtedly one of the most popular websites of the present date. What to do you do when you wish to convert any YouTube video into MP3. Either you leave it or you download the video and then use converters to obtain the MP3 of that particular video. Dirpy is a web application which […] – Free Online File Sharing – Covert Any File To A Public Web Site

Now forget sharing files by attaching them with your emails. enables you to upload your file on its server and gives you with a unique URL, which can be used to share your file online and all this wont cost you anything, its all FREE. With, there is no restriction on the type […]

Facesaerch: Images Search Engine For Faces- Find Faces In One Click

Google might be the best search engine but sometimes when you are looking for the images of the facial close ups of the people, Google might also display many unwanted images. For such requirement, Facesaerch will prove to be very useful. Simply enter the name and search for faces in One Click. Yes, its not […] Faster Search- Google, Yahoo and Bing In One Click

How often do you use search engines? I know that is a silly question. Have you ever thought of searching for all the three search engines on one click? This might sound silly but it isn’t. is the answer. Whenever you try to search for a topic or information on, it looks into […]

Stribe: Create A Social Network On Your Website Instantly

Have you ever wished to create a social network? Have you ever wanted your users to interact on your own website? Stribe is a web application, which has all the answers for such questions. Award winning  Stirbe is the first ever service on the planet which enables your to create a social network in less […] Easy Way To Search Torrents

Well, how often to do you use applications and web sites to search torrents. I know, most of you do that every time and you ussualy spend some good amount of time to find a torrent that you actually need. is an amazing web application which allows you to dig out all the good […]

Masher : Create Free Videos With Special Effects By Mixing Clips, Photos And Music

You might have seen your geeky friends creating videos by mixing up few clips, images and customizing it by adding wonderful music and special effects. Now you can also you the same, just by sparing few minutes. Masher is a free web application which allows you to mash up your video clips and images by […]

Kublax – Manage Your Bank Accounts And Budget In A Single Secure Account

Kublax is an amazing free web application which allows you synchronize all your bank accounts to it, which minimizes the complexity of your financial management. This is the modern era, we have different bank accounts (even your PayPal account) and different sources of income.Kublax nullifies the difficulty to manage the statistics of your incomes and […]

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