KnowEM – Check Availability Of Username In Over 340 Social Network

KnowEM is a free web application that lets you check the availability of a user name in the major social networking sites. To be precise, you can check for the availability of a user name in over 340 Social Networks by the virtue of few clicks. KnowEm controls them all to see if the name […]

Kideos – Free and Safe Videos For Kids – Online Kids Video Network

There are number of ways to keep your children away form the ugly side of the Internet. Whether it be monitoring their each and every action or making them use some trustable kid browsers like Kidzo. Kideos is a free web application which allows your kids to watch safe videos. Kidoes allows your kids to […]

PalShare – Share / Send Large Files And Folders

PalShare is an absolute free web application that lets you share and send large files and folders to your recipients in a simple and effective manner. This is one the best, easy and free file sharing web services. Using PalShare is very simple. Once you are on to the website, click on Get Started and […]

LocaFollow – Search Twitter Users By Cities

How do you search for your friends of people on Twitter? I know that you complete your searching task by the help of their e-mail IDs. LocaFollow is an amazing web application which helps you to find your friends by mentioning their location. For all those people who tend to use Twitter very often have […]

Daily RT–Find Most Popular Tweets On Web-Easy Way To ReTweet

The Daily RT is the web application which is mainly designed to know what’s HOT on the prominent and huge Twitter planet. This web app allows you to find the tweets/re-tweets which are most popular and hot on the entire web. Daily RT also allows you to find out the tweets which have been most […]

How To Identify A Song/ Title/ Artist using Midomi

There have been times, when we heard a song in advertising, we could not identify. Or listened to a new single on the radio, and we want to go home to download it on iTunes but such was his name? What is the artist? I only remember the chorus! Then you try to find identify […]

Kazle: Access/Use All The Social Networking Websites From One Single Account

Within no time the habit of social networking has turned into addiction. This lead most of use to create accounts on different social networking websites. Although we love to gather on all social network services, but some times it gets irritated. So you must have definitely tried to find the answer for the question, “How […]

Penzu: Create A Free Private Online Diary/Personal Online Journal – Best Personal Online Diary

People use blogs to write their daily thoughts but it is surely not a place for people who want to prefer secret online diary. Penzu is a free web application which allows you to maintain a free online diary and personal journal with extreme focus on privacy. Penzu is safe place to keep store your […]

Jinni – Free Movie/Film and TV Shows Recommendation Search Engine – Share Results On Twitter And Facebook

How to you make a decision over which movie to watch? You might visit many websites to read reviews and then come up with a good movie. This would be time consuming and moreover most of times you are disappointed by the result. Jinni is an intelligent movie and TV shows recommendation engine which would […]

Moomeo – Easy Way To Share Email On Twitter, Facebook or Anywhere On Internet

Social Networking is the flavor of this particular era, then why don’t we share our e-mails on Social Networks like Twitter, Facebook or Anywhere on the Internet. Moomeo is an amazing web application which helps you to share your emails (worth sharing) on social networking websites. Moomeo is specially designed for the people who hate […]

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