How To Root Samsung Galaxy Tab On Gingerbread Android 2.3.3

If you have been having a Samsung Galaxy Tab and running it on Android 2.3.3, here is the chance to root you. Yes, we are talking about how to root Samsung Galaxy Tab running on Gingerbread Android 2.3.3. This root was shared by a XDA Developer forum member and in this tutorial he did the […]

How To Fix Force Close On Motorola In Safe Mode

What would be causing a force close on Android smartphone or device? Well, this generally happens when you have installed any app and it causes your Android device to reboot again and again. If you are dealing with such problem on your Motorola Android, then we can help you to fix force close on Motorola […]

Why And How To Create Business Card QR Code

So far we have known and been using QR Code just like some advanced barcode which lets you download apps and stuff like that. How about business card with QR Code? Sounds interesting right? Well, we often give our business cards to people and once it is handed over, there is no guarantee that the […]

How To Scan QR Codes On Computer Using Webcam

QR Codes are the modern age bar codes which are more than conventional bar codes as they are capable of storing so much of information that can read on Android or iOS devices. You can download apps, shop online and share information using these QR codes. And the fact that reading it is so much […]

Ultimate List Of Keyboard Shortcuts For Android

Yes, touch screen is the highlighting feature of any Android device. And no doubt that touch screen does the work easier for any user, but if you have a Android smartphone with QWERTY keyboard, then its a bonus for you as you can make use of Android keyboard shortcuts. I bring you the ultimate list […]

How To Root HTC Inspire 4G – Install Custom ROM On Inspire 4G

We have been sharing number of ways to root Android device, and here is complete step by step guide to root HTC Inspire 4G. So just root your HTC smartphone and unleash it. Once you root your Inspire 4G you do install number of third party apps and do stuff that you cannot do on […]

6 Best Tips For New Android Users

There is no doubt about the fact that Android has become the best operating system for smartphones and tablet PCs. And many surveys do suggest that people do not tap the resources of this amazing OS to make the best of it. So we bring you some of the tips for new Android users which […]

Kindletodo – To Do List App For Kindle – Notepad For Kindle

Amazon Kindle has been one of the most influential gadgets in the recent past. People who are fond of reading fell in love with this ebook reader. Kindle has surely invented the modern way of reading books. If you have been using Kindle, then you might have surely felt the need of having apps installed […]

How To Dual Boot Android With Multiple ROMs

Why would one want to run his Android on multiple ROMs? Well, if you love trying different ROMs on your Android device, then flashing you device again and again does hurt. No doubt that is annoying. So, how about trying to dual boot Android with multiple ROMs? It does sound amazing, right? In this way […]

Tips To Maintain Laptop Battery – Dos And Don’ts

When you buy a brand new thing, you take a oath that you would look after it. I do this whenever I buy something new, but I fail in doing so. So, when you buy a brand new laptop, you ensure that it does not get any scratches, keyboard stays fine, display looks great, its […]

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