How To Identify A Song/ Title/ Artist using Midomi

There have been times, when we heard a song in advertising, we could not identify. Or listened to a new single on the radio, and we want to go home to download it on iTunes but such was his name? What is the artist? I only remember the chorus! Then you try to find identify […]

How To Tweak, Optimize, Accelerate Windows 7 and Windows Vista With GIGATweaker

Sometimes using higher end operating systems like Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows Vista slow down your computer because of its lower hardware configuration. Then you must have tried to find the answer for the question, “How To Tweak, Optimize, Accelerate Windows 7 and Windows Vista?” The best possible answer would be,”Use GIGATweaker.” There are number […]

How To Appear Invisible In Facebook Chat

Do I need to tell you about the buzz created by Facebook? I know I need not do that.This modern age is kind of addicted to Social Networking. Number of active users on Facebook  are increasing each day. And Facebook chat is one of the coolest feature provided by it. But do you know how […]

How To Turn Off/Reboot/Hibernate And Log Off Your PC Using Twitter And TweetMyPC

Do you know that you can Turn Off/Reboot/Hibernate And Log Off Your PC remotely? Yes, you can do all these activities using Twitter and TweetMyPC. So far Twitter was used as marketing tool, social networking service, business expansion medium TweetMyPC is a freeware which uses your Twitter account to perform remote operations on your PC. […]

How To Optimize/Speed Up Your PC Games – Use Game Booster

You need a powerful system configuration to run all the latest PC games. If you are wondering about the solution to speed up the PC games on your computer, then Game Booster is what you are looking for. Game Booster is an amazing free program which optimizes your PC for smoother performance of PC games. […]

How To Speed Up Mozilla Firefox With SpeedyFox

Mozilla is the most popular Internet browser of the world. And there are number of reasons behind Frefox being the best in your opinion. But still most of us will admit the fact that this Internet browser takes much time in starting up. When it comes to speeding up and optimizing Mozilla Firefox you have […]

Rizone’s Power Tools: Optimize – Speed Up – Repair And Tweaking Windows 7 and Windows XP/2003/Vista

There are few questions about the enhancement of your computer performance which might have always bothered you. Below are few: How to optimize Windows XP/2003/Vista and Windows 7? How to speed up Windows XP/2003/Vista and Windows 7? How to tweak Windows XP/2003/Vista and Windows 7? How to repair Windows XP/2003/Vista and Windows 7? There are […]

Google Translator Plug-in For Skype – Chat In Any Language – Skype Extras

Have you ever imagined the situation when you try to chat with the people on Internet who doesn’t understand your language and vice versa? I know that can not get worse. With Google Translator Plug-in, you can use Skype to chat in any language you want. Google Translator Plug-in is very useful to all those […]

PhotoSketch – Innovative Drawing Application – Better Than Photoshop – How To Use Photosketch – Most Amazing Drawing Tool Ever

“This is the most amazing and a mind blowing application that I have ever come across!” These will be the words when you will actually come to know about PhotoSketch. PhotoSketch is a web based application which converts yours rough drawing into amazing real-life sketch. This amazing drawing application designed by five Chinese Computer Science […]

Dirpy – Convert YouTube Videos Into MP3 / How To Download YouTube Videos

YouTube is undoubtedly one of the most popular websites of the present date. What to do you do when you wish to convert any YouTube video into MP3. Either you leave it or you download the video and then use converters to obtain the MP3 of that particular video. Dirpy is a web application which […]

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