TorrentFetcher – Easy Way To Find / Search Quality Torrents

Torrents are a great way to download movies, music, games or TV Shows. But searching quality torrents is quite a task. There are number of websites where you can find torrents of good quality. TorrentFetcher is a free program which helps you to find your desired torrent within no time. Check out Easy Way […]

Split Browser – Split Mozilla Firefox into Multiple Frames

Mozilla Firefox has undoubtedly dominated the other web browsers in the market. Users love it because of its number of amazing features.With Split Browser, which is a Mozilla Firefox Add-on you can divide / split the context area of your Mozilla Firefox window into number of frames. Opening different web sites in different tabs of […]

How To Resize and Copy Images / Pictures In Windows 7

Its been quite a time that Windows 7 is out in the public. Now with time people have started getting into the groove of Windows 7. So if you are a proud user of a Windows 7 operating system, you surely want the answer to the question “How to resize images / pictures in Windows […]

PhotoFilmStrip – Create Videos From Images And Add Effects

There are number of free program which help you to play with your photos in order to add special effects to them. PhotoFilmStrip is a free program which allows you to compile pictures to a video. And you can even add music or your own voice to it. You can add Ken Burns style zooming […]

Kludgets – Install and Use Mac OS X Widgets On Windows 7, Vista and Linux

It is the opinion of most of the computer users that Mac OS X is more stylish than any other operating system but due to the simplicity and user friendliness of Windows, it has turned out as the most popular operating in the world. Here is an amazing free software namely Kludgets, which allows you […]

Win2VNC – Operate Two Computers With Single Keyboard And Mouse

Once I wanted to operate my two computers with a single keyboard and mouse. Then I came across a free application, Win2VNC which enables you to fulfill the purpose of running two computers with a single keyboard and mouse. The best part about this program is that, you can get into the core of its […]

How To Recover Deleted Images And Photos From Memory Cards/Digital Cameras

You might have accidently deleted some images or pictures from your memory cards of your digital camera or mobile phone. Now you need not cry for you mistake. Art Plus Digital Photo Recovery tool helps you to recover lost or deleted images and photos from the memory cards. It is an easy and one of […]

Complete Guide And Instructions For Windows 7 |Win 7 Help|

Are you new and skeptical about Windows 7? Here is a fairly comprehensive guide for Windows 7 that helps you figure out what’s new in this operating system Microsoft weblog. The guide comes directly from the Microsoft website and is divided into sections that contain the audio / video content and for this we recommend […]

Check If Your PC Is Ready For Windows 7 – Test Hardware For Upgrade

Windows 7 has already created a huge buzz within a week of its official release. Every wants to upgrade their computer or laptop with Windows 7 operating system. But to make the best of this operating system, you need to check with its compatibility. So, How can you test your computer/laptop, to check if its […]

10 Tips to Improve Battery Life of your Mobile Phones

Charging your mobile phones again and again is a big pain. No matter what brand of Mobile Phone you use, be it Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson or even a Blackberry, battery life is very important. by following some simple tips, you can improve the battery life of your mobile phone. These tips will […]

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