How To Install Non-Market APK Apps On Android

There are number of non-market APK apps available on Internet. These are the apps which cannot be found on Android market. So, here is a tutorial for you to install non-market APK apps on Android devices like smartphones and tablet PCs. All you need to do is browse Internet and download the non-market APK files […]

How To Scan QR Codes On iPhone

We have already told you about scanning QR codes on Android, now its time to talk the same on iPhone. Yes, we would be telling you about how to scan QR codes on iPhone. Well, if you are unaware of the term QR Code, then here is the some useful info. QR Code is actually […]

How To Reset Samsung Galaxy S To Factory Settings

There are times when you mess up with your phone and then look to reset your phone. This tutorial is for similar need if you have Samsung Galaxy S. Yes, this is a step by step guide to reset Galaxy S to Factory Settings. We have already shared a post on speeding up Galaxy S. […]

How To Jailbreak PS3 Firmware v3.55

Seems like its PS3 firmware season. Recently, we have shared you the tutorial to install custom firmware on PS3. Here is the complete guide to jailbreak PS3 firmware v3.55. After the custom firmware, its jailbreak time. What could you do if you jailbreak your PS3? Well, you can run number of homebrew apps on it, […]

How To Install Android 2.2 Froyo ROM On Sony Xperia X10

Sony has officially announced that Xperia X10 wont get any Android updates now. This surely inspires developers to build Android 2.2 Froyo based ROM for X10. There is a beta version of this ROM available which would let you install Android 2.2 Froyo ROM on Sony Xperia X10. Since this Android 2.2 ROM is not […]

How To Enable 720p HD Video Recording On iPhone 3GS

You know what? You can enable 720p HD video recording on iPhone 3GS. Yes, you read this right. All you to have is an Apple iPhone 3GS and some time. If you are wondering why did not Apple include this HD recording, it the device is capable of. Well, this is possible only if you […]

How To Root Dell Streak

If we can root all the Android devices available in the market, then why not Dell Streak. Here is a complete guide to root Dell Streak which would let you access its Android files so that you can install custom firmware, themes, apps.   We have brought you the complete step by step guide to […]

How To Send MMS From iPhone

Apple iPhone is undoubtedly one of the best inventions of the decade. And the best part about iPhone is the fact that you could explore it more and more while using. Have you ever tried handling MMS on iPhone. Yes, I am asking if you know how to send MMS on iPhone? Here is the […]

How To Speed Up Samsung Galaxy S

Any smartphone user would surely understand and must have experienced that their Android device or smartphone becomes slow once you install more and more apps. If you are a Galaxy S owner, and worried by the same issue, then we have a tutorial to speed up Samsung Galaxy S. It is a small trick which […]

How To Root Samsung Galaxy Tab

Here is an amazing application, z4root which would let you root Samsung Galaxy tab in one click. Yes, you can root your Galaxy tab by one click, it is as easy as that. But what exactly would you get after you root your Galaxy tab? Well, this Galaxy tab hack would let you access and […]

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